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Cat keeps habitually defecating outside the litterbox, not sick, does use the box, eats, sleeps and plays.?

Tweet . I have an 8 yr. old male cat who has made it a habit of defecating outside his litterbox every once in awhile on our rug. It’s not diarrhea and not constipation because he lets us know when he is having those problems. He is healthy, eats well, sleeps well, does use his […]


Does your cat paw at it's water bowl and/or why do you think cats do it?

Tweet . My 2 cats are brother and sister, and no matter what bowl, dish or even cup they drink out of.. they paw at it, brining it closer to them.. often resulting in tipping it over lol. I know they don’t tip it over on purpose, it’s always an accident. At first I believed […]


How can I get my cats eating again?

Tweet . I have two cats, an older female and a young male. About a week ago the older female got an infected eye and we took her to the vet and got anti-inflammatory drops, and an anti-biotic given by mouth. The trip to and from the vet was very traumatic for her even though […]


Has anyone ever heard of an instance where a cat housetrains a dog?

Tweet . That is what I am seeing at my house. My two year old male cat is teaching my new Australian Shepard pup how to go outside when he has to go. (through the pet door) They are really something to see. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online Stranded seal pup rescued » News […]


Cat hormones vs. Human Hormones?

Tweet . I am a 27 year old female, who is currently on the Depo shot. So pretty much my hormones are at a change. I currently have 2 male cats both are 8 months old they are brothers. They have been neutered almost 2 months now. While I dont have really any problem with […]

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