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how can i get my dog to stop ripping up puppy pads?

Tweet . my dog (almost 1) rips up pads and chews on cords. i wanna be able to keep him in the house with my little puppy (12 weeks) but i dont want him to make a mess. whenever we put him in his kennel i know he only paces back and forth my dog […]


Does your pet sleep in your bed with you?

Tweet . I’m not gonna lie guys, my 10 month old little puppy is currently fast asleep in the middle of my un-made bed, snuggled up in the covers. He sleeps with me every night, sleeping in either the bend thats made in your knees when you sleep on your side, or next to my […]


How much would this puppy stuff [possibly] cost?

Tweet . So tomorrow i have to buy puppy stuff for my new puppy. i havent got him yet, but these are the supplies im getting.. would it be over 110$ Little puppy bed a cat crate [hes a mini dachshund] collar leash food bowl water bowl toys puppy chow pee-wee pads dog brush dog […]


My dog's doesn't like to go up stairs or stand up, whats might be wrong?

Tweet . My dog, Daisy, is almost a year old now. She’s a mix of rottweiler and pitbull and she’s the sweetest dog in the world. I’ve noticed since she was a little puppy she doesn’t like to stand up and she really hates using stairs. It’s sad because when I let her outside she […]


Announcment…I GOT A PUPPY ^_^?

Tweet . This isn’t really a question it’s more like an announcment, but I’ll add a question at the end so I don’t get reported. Anyway my mum got me a golden retriever puppy today and she is so cute. I was really surprised because when I got home from school my mum said to […]

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