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Cat keeps habitually defecating outside the litterbox, not sick, does use the box, eats, sleeps and plays.?

Tweet . I have an 8 yr. old male cat who has made it a habit of defecating outside his litterbox every once in awhile on our rug. It’s not diarrhea and not constipation because he lets us know when he is having those problems. He is healthy, eats well, sleeps well, does use his […]


Bluey the dog pees in the wee pad + litterbox

Tweet . Bluey my chihuahua would not use a wee pad for anything when I tried getting her to use them in 2008 when it was just super cold in Minnesota (not to mention I lived on the 3rd floor!). Since her heart problems started in January and she kept peeing in her crate and […]


I need help with my kitten?

Tweet . Okay. So I have never been an irresponsible pet owner, and I don’t think I am now. I did not buy a kitten for its cuteness without researching it first. No, this kitten was thrust upon me. I found the little boy locked in my brother’s car in 50 degree weather almost two […]


Cat with late-stage kidney failure- anything to do?

Tweet . My childhood cat (who is 15 years old) was diagnosed today with late stage kidney failure. My Mom left her in a cheap boarding kennel while she was travelling for nine months (I’m a bit p.o.’d about this, because I asked to take care of her, but that’s neither here nor there, right […]


Some house rabbit questions containing to cage and litter?

Tweet . Hi, I just bought a lion head/Holland lop rabbit and I am trying to think of the easiest and best way for him to live. When I brought him home I filled his cage with pine shavings (It is what the pet store gave me, I am buying some Care-fresh today if needed) […]

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