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Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Tweet . All images are sourced from the internet. Thanks for watching. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest Thanks for the USB and Hotspot tethering. You guys are the best … Theiving Hobknobbers | Jo Beaufoix 4chan Downloader Saves All Thread Images Automatically


How can I stop my dog from peeing by the door?

Tweet . She is 5 months old Labrador and has decided that the door that divides the patio from the house ir the best place to pee. I have a 2 year old son that loves to be barefoot on the patio…needless to say what happens when he does…can I pour bleach or something like […]


Sneaking Up On The Dog

Tweet . My black lab (Shelby) doesn’t seem to understand the concept of going in one door and coming out of another. When I left her on the front porch, then snuck out the back door and around the apartment, she thought I was a stranger. It was fun! Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of […]


Eevi – Guide dog puppy’s first years (Morcheeba music vid.)

Tweet . The same video can be seen in higher quality in here: (Choose ‘watch in higher quality’ from below the movie frame) Opas Eevi is a yellow labrador retriever puppy destined to become a guidedog (‘Opas’ in her name means ‘Guide’ and is the kennel name of the Finnish Guidedog School). She’s born […]


Why is my dog all of a sudden pooping & peeing in the house?

Tweet . I have a 2 year old Boxer (male) who is mostly an inside dog & (was) perfectly potty trained by 6 months old. In the past week I would say he has pooped, peed, & vomited in the house 4 or more times. He is not sick & has not eaten anything besides […]

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