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Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Tweet . All images are sourced from the internet. Thanks for watching. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest Thanks for the USB and Hotspot tethering. You guys are the best … Theiving Hobknobbers | Jo Beaufoix 4chan Downloader Saves All Thread Images Automatically


What kind of padding should I use for my dog's dog house?

Tweet . I have a dogloo for my Golden Retriever and every padding I’ve put in it for him to sleep on, he has chewed up. I even put the supposedly non-chewable pad and it was gone in a few days. I spent about on that too! I’ve tried carpet, but that’s proven to be […]


What can I put on my dog's pads to help them heal faster?

Tweet . My golden retriever scuffed up the pads on the back of his front legs. The bleeding stopped right away but he is constantly licking them. Is there anything I can put on them that will help them heal, and won’t be harmful if (when) he swallows it? Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of […]


My dog is water obsessed. What should I do?!?

Tweet . He’s a golden retriever puppy, and we have a swimming pool. He thrashes around in the water ALL day, and we’re a bit worried about the chlorine getting to him. He drinks a lot out of it as well. He splashed around in his water bowl, and basically sticks his paws in every […]


Laundry Day In LA

Tweet . Laundry day in Lake Balboa, even Eddie gets clean sheets! At Luca for Dogs we believe good dogs deserve great sheets. 411: Another video by: More tips, pics & vids Thanks for watching! 411 Another video by, get the latest tips and pics from us at Thanks […]

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