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Cat keeps habitually defecating outside the litterbox, not sick, does use the box, eats, sleeps and plays.?

Tweet . I have an 8 yr. old male cat who has made it a habit of defecating outside his litterbox every once in awhile on our rug. It’s not diarrhea and not constipation because he lets us know when he is having those problems. He is healthy, eats well, sleeps well, does use his […]


Crazy Puppy Who Is Scared All the Time?

Tweet . My wife and I recently got a 3 month old brussells griffon pup from a "breeder". He would not let us come to his house to pick her up but met us on a dirt road. Suspicious. The first day she was all romp and glee and even played with her food by […]


My dog started barking at me when I put him in his kennel. Help!

Tweet I have had this three-year-old rat terrier for almost a year, and initially he had just a couple of house training problems (which were resolved). Then after a move in March, we started having major defecating-on-the-floor issues, so I started kennel training, keeping him with me all day (he’s only left alone a maximum […]