Switching dog to adult food?


I have a German Shepherd Rottweiler puppy who’s about 8 months old. I have a few questions: When should I switch her over to adult food? What kind do you recommend? And, I know you’re not supposed to just plop the new food down in their bowl ’cause it might upset their stomach… How should I go about mixing it in gradually when I have an automatic feeder than holds about ten pounds of food? Thanks.
I have an eight-year-old Pomeranian and I remember we switched her food over long before she was a year old… I guess bigger dogs are different in this respect (along with many others).

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    10 Responses to “Switching dog to adult food?”

    1. tess says:

      I would wait until he/she is a year old then gradually add the new adult dog food to her bowl, avoid the automatic feeder until you have him/her transferred over to the adult dog food. You should start by adding about 1/4 adult to the puppy food for a few days, then add a little more for a few more days..until he/she is transferred over completely.
      A lot on here will disagree on foods to feed dogs, but i have always fed my dogs Purina weather its Purina puppy chow, Purina ONE or Purina Beneful, they have all been healthy with that brand, and lived very long lives. I have tried the more expensive brands and i guess i didn’t notice a difference, they shed the same, their coats were the same their skin was the same..so why pay more ? That’s just my opinion.

    2. angel says:

      I would wait until it’s a year old then just put half of each kind in a bag mix it up and then put it in the feeder, then slowly over a couple of weeks start adding more adult food to the feeder try beneiful or purina lamb and rice those are both good foods good luck

    3. Noise says:

      Rippe is right.

    4. BYB's ALWAYS Lie says:

      This dog should be on a large breed puppy food or any high quality low-protein food and should remain on it until nearly 2 years of age. Switching too early could cause joint problems, as could feeding a high protein food right now.

      In another year or so, you’ll gradually mix the new food in over the course of a week or two. If you know that the dog has a sensitive tummy, take even longer, like a month. General ratio is 25% new 75% old first, then 50%-50%, then 75%-25%, finally 100% new.

      Use those ratios when filling your auto feeder. If you can’t, then feed him 2-3 times a day using those ratios.

    5. Jessie says:

      With a dog that large, you should be on puppy food until the dog is a full year or up to 15 months.

      Whenever you switch food, be careful. I do this: 75% old food with 25% new food for three days. 50% old and 50% new the next three days. 25% old and 75% new for the next three days. Then finally all new. If the dog has tummy upset at any point, back up to the last mix that was working and try again. I know I’m more conservative in the switch than most people, but I’ve never had a problem doing it this way. I measure the mixes and bag them before I start so I don’t have to do the measuring each feeding.

    6. Smiley11 says:

      okay first off you can switch over the food at a year. Thats when most people do it. I recommend: Natural Balance, Wellness and Nutro. Here’s the thing: If you can buy it in a grocery store its not a good food! Some that you may think is good food such a: Beneful, Iams, Ceaser. They all contain by-products (beaks, feathers) so DO NOT feed your dog these! It has been proven that better food = a longer life span. Anyways I think that while your switching you should feed by hand. Its going to be very hard to use the automatic feeder to slowly use the new food.

      Have fun with your puppy :]

    7. •♦♥RipPed♥JeAnS♥♦• says:

      Puppy food is usually for when dogs are about a year old and younger. I recommend using the same type of brand food you already use, just the adult dog version. The first day, only put a little bit of the new food in her bowl, along with the puppy food, so that it is still the same amount of food, just a mixture of the two. The next day, add a little more of the adult food in, and a little less of the puppy. Keep doing this gradually until you get to the point where it is all adult food.

      Remember: when doing this, it is okay to do it very slowly, but your dog can get sick if you change the food too quickly. If you are unsure, always put less of the new food in.

    8. Ewa B says:

      ADULT FOOD? Thats When Its Either 2 or 3 Years Old!!!

    9. Mike says:

      wait a couple months

    10. Angelic Vampiress says:

      Puppies should be switched to adult food around 6 months of age (when they are neutered). I have found Iams and Hill’s Science Diet to be good foods. Start off by mixing 1/4 new food with 3/4 old food (this is not in cups, just the proportion of new food to old food). Try this schedule:

      Day 1-5: 1/4 new food, 3/4 old food
      Day 6-10: 1/2 of each food
      Day 11-14: 3/4 new food, 1/4 old food
      By day 15, you can feed her entire amount in new food.

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