Survey! Do you allow your dog(s) on the couch?


My boyfriend and I are having a debate on whether or not our(my) Pekingese should be allowed on the couch. I wanted to see how many other people allow their pets that shed on furniture?

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50 Responses to “Survey! Do you allow your dog(s) on the couch?”

  1. kpaschke says:

    Yes, my dog is allowed on all furniture………beds, couch, chairs. It’s no trouble at all. I don’t feel it’s fair to confine her to the floor…………

    Kim at:

  2. redflag says:

    Yes, especially for a small dog. If you’re concerned about shedding or possible staining, then you could put a towel or sheet on the couch while the dog is on it. When I vacuum the floor, I use the small brush attachment and vacuum the furniture, too. It takes only a couple of extra minutes, and whether it’s a dog or a cat, we enjoy our animals, so doing the extra vacuuming and care is worth the pleasure we have from being with them.

  3. sue2blues says:

    Yup, allowed in my home.

  4. pookerangel says:

    I have a min pin and i let him on the couch tho he has to move when people want to sit down but when that happens he just lays on us if we let him.

  5. Boney K says:

    I dont…..but he does get on it now and then………

  6. amziex says:

    I do, but she’s gota double coat and doesn’t shed regularly. If your peke has strong legs and joints to be able to jump off without injury you should consider it if they don’t shed much. Theres nothing better than cuddling with your pup and watching TV together. I was told not to because of dominant behaviour, but she moves and then jumps into my lap when I want to sit down. It’s adorable. And you can’t say no to their puppy eyes.

  7. ♥MafiaGirl♥ says:

    No. My dad and mom yell but when they are not around YES

  8. Honeysadsam says:

    No, my dogs are not allowed on any furnitures.

  9. Anne says:

    HI there,
    I do believe this is a personal Preference
    Also I think it is dependent on the size of your pup as We are owned by Poms and Yorkies and they are all very small
    My hubby has two Australian Cattle Dogs and they where never allowed on the furniture and it was a unwritten rule they seen the small pups on the furniture but they never really had a desire to jump up on it as they have nice thick pads to lie on
    so Again it is a personal Preference but again I would not know what to do If I was sitting on the sofa and I didn’t have my Babies there with me to cuddle
    Tell your Boyfriend to get his own sofa so he has nothing to complain about
    Take Care

  10. US soldier says:

    My two pit bulls and huskys are allowed on our couch, my large lap puppies

  11. Lynn M says:

    I have allowed all of my dogs on the couch and even in bed. I put a sheet on the couch and my dogs always have stayed only on the sheet.

    Of course I use to spoil my dogs (both have died the last Lab was on July 6, 2007)

  12. unholyghost2003 says:

    I ABSOLUTELY allow my dog on ALL furniture. She is allowed on the couch, she is allowed in the bed, she sits on the footstool. She is a 55lb Rott/Pit mix and there is NO question in her mind who is in charge. Mommy (me) is ALWAYS in charge. She follows all commands immediately and without a problem (other than the occasional "bully breed tantrum" in which she uses passive resistance/ dead weight but even that STOPS when I tell her to)

  13. darlyngirl1983 says:

    my little guys sheds alot of short hair 24/7- he’s always on the couch and he sleeps in my bed… How can he cuddle with me anywhere else? 😛

  14. ♥catsndogsrthebest♥ says:

    I have dogs and cats (not declawed) all allowed on the couches and bed. My cats really show no interest in scratching the furniture even. I think all animals respect you still while thankful you chose to share with them. I just do more sheet washing than normal sometimes, and couch vaccuuming.

  15. JR says:

    I let them lay down but not play on it.

  16. catherine s says:

    I absolutely do NOT allow my dog on the couch. HOWEVER, I have only had larger dogs. A small lap dog like a pekinese, pomeranian or other similar small companion dog such as the daschund that I babysit, yes, they are allowed on the couch, as are all three of the cats. You just have to keep the vacuum handy. I suggest the purple model dyson vaccuum. It really does a wonderful job and is worth the money.
    You can train your dog to only sit on one part of the couch that you keep covered, making hair clean-up much easier. It’s kinda hard with a lap dog, they just want to be on or by you all the time. They are SO cute, aren’t they? Hope this helps, I know I’ve taken both sides here, but there just isn’t enough room for a big dog on the couch. It’s MINE! : )

  17. Nandina says:

    Absolutely. Anything we sit on (like the couch or bed), she can sit on. Anything we put food on (like tables or TV trays), she’s not allowed to touch.

  18. iceman says:

    I do I have a Golden Lab, 90lbs, I keep him combed and put a sheet on the couch. He is part of the family, as well as a great hunting partner.

  19. Michelle says:

    I have two mutt puppies (about 60lbs each) that I have allowed on the couch since we got them at 8 weeks, they are now about 10 months old. However they know that if there is company that they have to give up their spots for the company. Since we take our dogs everywhere with us they have also learned that they are not allowed on other peoples couches and do very well at staying off. I think it is just how you personally feel about the dog being on the couch and if you are able to let the dog know you are still the alpha and they do not become possessive over it.

  20. Carrie O'Labrador says:

    I allow my dog on the couch, but there are rules. She has to wait until I say it’s okay and tell her to come on up. She also can only be on the part of the couch that I put a blanket on (keeps the shedding contained and easy to clean by washing the blanket). I don’t let her be a brat about it. Any brattiness and she is back to the floor!

  21. shayshay7000 says:

    I have a pit bull and I allow her on my couch and she sleeps in the bed with me. I also have a long-haired cat and he can get on the couch and he also sleeps in the bed with me.

  22. greekman says:

    This will be a hotly debated subject here, but, I never allowed any of my dogs on any furniture, period. It is not a matter of shedding, it is a matter of establishing pack order and NOT confuse the dog. I am the alpha in the house, not the dogs. They do not get to sit or lay down in places that the alpha male does. I have dogs that are working animals with real temperament and serious dominance issues, I cannot allow that or they will take it too far. Dogs belong in a crate or on the floor. Do not cause confusion in the dog’s head by allowing it on the furniture.

  23. succubus says:

    i don’t have a dog, but i would never let the dog on the couch
    bad dog bad bad bad dog

  24. tony l says:

    Yes I do, and my dogs always respect me when I ask them to move.
    IMHO, dogs are part of the family, therefore the question of "shedding on furniture" is irrelevant.

  25. Beckarose says:

    No not usually, only if you put down a towel or blanket to protect the furniture.

  26. Madison says:

    Yes. I always buy a couch that is big enough for my fiance and I and our two dogs.
    However, if we need the room for more people, they will move with no problem. You can allow the dog on the couch as long as it’s trained well to understand you are still the boss.

  27. Melody says:

    Our dogs only are allowed on the couch when we ask them to come up there to join us. When we don’t want them there, we make them get off. Ultimately, we are in control (or try to be!) so that they always know who is really the Alpha. : )

  28. Bob says says:

    No never ever ever.. My dog is not allowed on the couch or bed because she can’t tell the difference. one less place to vaccume up dog hair and one less place that smells like a dog.

  29. Carol says:

    Yes I do. In fact he is on the couch right now. But I never should have. He is a Bloodhound and when he is laying flat out (like now) he takes up the whole couch!!!

  30. giselle says:

    i let me dogs on the couch i have 3 chihuahuas as long as u keep em clean and they are potty trained to go outside it should be ok… and clean / vacum the couch often… we have leather couches to so we make sure to have the groomers cut there nails..

  31. Shanna says:

    Yes, my dogs are allowed on the couch when I invite them to sit with me. They respect the couch as mine and only come up when I invite them to and get off when I ask them to.
    There is no problem with allowing animals on furniture provided they respect you as the leader and don’t act as if it is theirs.

  32. Stark says:

    I have two cats and a dog, and they are all allowed on the couch. My boyfriend and I both like having the pets on the couch with us. Plus, we have wood floors, and even though my dog has her own bed, she is still more comfortable on the couch. She isn’t possessive over the couch or anything, so we don’t have a problem with it. And I have come to the reality that when you have pets, they are going to shed, and there is nothing you can do about it. So we just vacuum a lot.

  33. MiZz SaAk says:

    of course i do!!

  34. october5591 says:

    my dad lets his shedding dog on the couch.. But that is because she is spoiled…. We just put coverings on out sofas like a sheet or something pretty and easy to take off and wash when needed..

  35. killbasabill says:

    I don’t allow my shedding pets in the house , let alone the couch. I shed enough for the whole house.
    If you and your boyfriend have a problem with the shedding of animal hair, you should vacuum more often.

  36. tiffseagles says:

    Definintely. It’s more comfortable for them on the couch and they like to be around their people. My dogs are pretty big and they’re allowed on beds too. They are a German Shepherd and a Border Collie mix. As long as I am firm and consistent with their training, them being on the couch doesn’t make them think they are in charge. They listen well and I haven’t had any dominance issues because of it.

  37. Bozema says:

    No, but ours are big golden retrievers. Might be different if they were small dogs like a pug. We both agree no dogs on the bed. And I agree with the above poster, being on furniture is a privilege, not a right and they should be invited up first to avoid resource guarding issues.

  38. barb s says:

    I have lil dogs, but I have short hair dogs.

  39. paintedrain2 says:

    My pets are ALWAYS allowed on the furniture. I like having the companionship while watching TV. I’ve never had reason to change my opinion. I put a blanket down for them to lay on, and that’s it.

  40. D A says:

    I don’t allow on most furniture (she has certain places in certain rooms she is allowed) but not because of shedding – because of resource issues. Dogs should be allowed on furniture because you invite them up – not because they choose where they are allowed to go.

  41. rachel b says:

    I let my dog sit on the couch. But Yorkies don’t shed.

  42. AugustAlexander says:

    yes, we do but our couch is leather and his fur doesn’t really stick to that.

  43. ione_thestar says:

    Absolutely not. The couch is for people and the "floor" is for the dog. Peace, Love and God Bless.

  44. erich485 says:

    we don’t allow our dog on the couch but that’s because she’s an 80 pound akita! there’d be no room for us on the couches!

  45. tiger_cutie2000 says:

    Yes, but not on the bed. However, I don’t think that it is a good idea because we baby the dog and he thinks that he is alpha. He doesn’t listen to me at all.

  46. i_am_truly_undefeatable says:

    really you shouldnt allow pets up on couches and such, cuz that makes them think people are okay to climb on too.

  47. tom p says:

    I used to, but now he is content laying on the floor.

  48. Amanda K says:

    I have a mixed breed that sheds a lot — and yes, I do allow her on the couch. I just have to vaccum it every once in a while =)

  49. Shadow's Melon says:

    Yes, we do, but if we need a seat, they move for us. All in all, it’s really a personal preference.

  50. dobiegang says:

    I do. They are a member of our family. Even when my furniture was brand new they were allowed !!