Super Smart Dog!


This is the 2nd take of her doing it. We wanted to add a little stop-drop-n-roll at the end for you guys. No idea how to make a dog do this other than have a smart dog? LOL I’ll upload the full video on Don’t forget to subscribe here for more iphone sneak peaks and check out our main show above!

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25 Responses to “Super Smart Dog!”

  1. 888FOAD says:

    my friend dog was hit by a car & dead.he love his dog very much & he cook & ate the dog…cannibal

  2. MrJas1128 says:

    First thing you knoe these dogs are gunna be trained to use guns then were screwed.

  3. ifancy1pants says:

    the best part is when the dogs show up

  4. CheesWhiz60 says:

    Big deal.My dog can sing the alphabet.BACKWARDS!

  5. WolfClant says:

    we’re doomed

  6. ambitionsskyyyy says:

    @9812watch looooool good point

  7. kokohero says:

    Uhm..well it’s not very uncommon that dogs learn how to open doors..problem is that they won’t close ’em after they go out..or in :/

  8. mandludm says:

    this_guy_is_HILARIOUS_search_up_”Joe Terino Kesha”

  9. freerealmsvids1 says:

    My dog studies neuron science.

  10. F4tFlyingPigs says:

    my dog just licks my face

  11. boblop98 says:

    my dog can open the door both wayz pretty fucking annoying

  12. Hiddenbeneath1 says:

    Isnt it nice to be all brave and mouthy while hiding behind your computer eh coward?
    Lay off the crack..Its fucking with what little brains you have…Fucktard LMFAO!!!!

  13. JamesD567 says:


  14. Hiddenbeneath1 says:

    @JamesD567 Really animal abusing mouth?Are you high on crack or forgot to take your meds?Show me where I abuse animals.Because I said my brothers cat was evil?? sheesh what a moron lol

  15. JamesD567 says:


  16. ilovegreeneyes123 says:

    coo , but i felt bad for Zoey b/c she didn’t get a snack =(

  17. cmk61478 says:

    @Cucooon Only reason was because he banned my comments because I called him out on his bitch of a finance and what she did to my friend.

  18. Cucooon says:

    @cmk61478 Wait but your suscribed to trippy O.O Fail on your part 😛

  19. hollisterrbabex3 says:

    @cmk61478 stfu and get out. CTFxc For life <3

  20. numbagoon20 says:

    this_dudes_TOO_HILARIOUS_search_up_”Joe Terino Kesha”

  21. guerratronz says:


  22. cmk61478 says:

    Trippy=sellout=whore of a future wife.

  23. turtlebackkfoq says:

    just_search_up_”Joe Terino Kesha”_that_dudes_TOO_FUNNY

  24. homilybipedalqocgse says:

    this_dude_is_TOO_FUNNY_just_search_”Joe Terino Kesha”

  25. SmartWaterAddictx says:

    hey i thought it was cool!