sundays toy ads?


I saw the littlest pet shop round and round playest on sale yesterday in the target sunday’s ads for .99..I went down there and they were all gone…i also went to knart to try and get the high school musical dance mat also in sundays ad, gone as well…I went to walmart eher they honor other store prices as long as you have proof(like a sunday’s ad) and i got the round and round playset for .99 walmart’s price anyways. to me, its a waste to scroll the sundays ad cause they are never at the store. do you go through this as well.?

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3 Responses to “sundays toy ads?”

  1. dontdoubtit says:

    No. I think it’s a huge wast of resources, time, money, fuel, etc. to drive all over like that.

  2. tysdad62271 says:

    Sure, but it got you in the store.

  3. ~Biz~ says:

    Many times I’ve seen a popular item gone before you get there, yes. It’s too frustrating for me- I’ve given up on the stores for important gifts, & just shop online for good deals with free shipping.