Suggestions for keeping birds & squirrels off of my roof?

Suggestions for keeping birds & squirrels off of my roof?


We live in a wooded area, and for some reason the local squirrels and large blackbirds seem to like to eat on our roof. I don’t think they’ve gotten into the attic, but every morning we hear them up there scrambling around and hear the birds pecking very hard against the roof (not woodpecker type pecking, just pounding, probably picking up seeds). I cleaned out the gutter a few weeks ago and found them full of peanut shells of all things. I guess the neighbors are feeding them peanuts. We have birdfeeders and a squirrel feeder, but we’ve stopped feeding the squirrels.

So, any suggestions for keeping them off the roof so they’ll eat their lunch in the trees where they belong? The roof pitch is too steep to put an owl figurine up there. I have an idea or two, but wonder if anyone else has solved this problem, and how.

And please don’t tell me to kill the little guys, ’cause we kinda like ’em… just not on our roof. Drives the dogs nuts!


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5 Responses to “Suggestions for keeping birds & squirrels off of my roof?”

  1. caroline says:

    Flags! I am going to try this method. As long as there is movement they may not stick around. Not so good for days with no wind.

  2. guitargadfly says:

    There is a strobe light that goes on when squirrels come into your attic. They hate it. I don’t know where you find it. It was mentioned on an NPR broadcast recently.
    Put a fake owl on top of the roof for the birds. It may work for a squirrel too.

  3. zzebra says:

    you shot my answer down in flames

  4. emucompboy says:

    We have a large cat, but then, our roof doesn’t have a steep pitch.

  5. arthurlikesbeer(PAC) says:

    I think the only way to keep them of would be to build them a feeding area that they like better………..and keep it stalked I think they would make that the new hang out …………..its certanly cheaper than roof repairs