Suggestions for a soft or "camper" style dog crate?


In the past, my dog and I have always travelled with my boyfriend’s hatchback which fits my dog’s wire and transport crates. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m heading to a dog show without him at the end of March. I can’t switch cars with him because mine’s a stick and he never learned how to drive one (and I’m not going to teach him on my old car, it’s on it’s last wheel as is…).

So I’m looking into a soft sided crate (the kind you usually use for camping). I can’t just fold up his wire crate… it still doesn’t fit in my car (and I’m not sure how we’d cram poor Odie in there too…).

It seems like there’s a lot out there, so I was hoping for some suggestions. I know you get what you pay for, so I don’t just want to go for the cheapest thing I can find, but with the internet it seems like there are just SO many. Anyone have any experience with one that they’d recommend? Everyone I know here seems to have giant SUVs that fit their crates so they never looked into it.

Yah… he always has a pillow bottom in his wire crate. Not what i was asking about!

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4 Responses to “Suggestions for a soft or "camper" style dog crate?”

  1. Lure me to Victory says:

    ok ive seen what you want XD i think.

    i like the midwest day tripper soft sided

  2. ladystang says:

    they have them at petsmart

  3. ImLeXiE says:

    You don’t have to buy another dog crate, unless you want to. Shop around at Walmart.
    But you can just lay down a pillow in his crate.

  4. Dogzzz says:

    I like the Noz2Noz crates. I found the best prices on line but it’s been a long time and I cannot remember where (I will probably think of it later… if I do, I’ll add it). Make sure your dog is perfect about being crated! A soft crate will not contain a dog who would rather not be contained!

    If anyone from your area is going to the same show you are, perhaps they could haul your crate along… that way, you would not need to buy another. Also, soft sided crates don’t necessarily take up that much less room than a wire crate, they are just lighter. Make sure it will fit before you buy one!