. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Best In Show 2009 Thank you All, I Love You All Tonight the Sussex said Judge Sari Brewster Tietjen. Judge Sari Brewster Tietjen said choosing 10 year old Stump was a last minute decision. 10 year old Sussex Spaniel STUMP wins Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2009. It’s a first for this breed. Stumpy almost died in 2004 and spent several weeks in the hospital. Stump will be traveling around the country over the coming year, representing the club and serving as a “spokesdog” for “Angel on a Leash.” Angel On A Leash is Westminster Kennel Club’s Charity. Their goal is to create the best therapy dog programs in health care facilities and other settings across the country. At the end of 2008 Angel teams were visiting nine prestigious health care facilities across the United States. Angel On A Leash also participates in the READ(Reading Education Assistance Dogs). READ(Reading Education Assistance Dogs) was launched by Intermountain Therapy Animals, a nonprofit organization. In 1999 READ. was the first comprehensive literacy program built around the idea of reading to dogs. According to the National Assessment of Education Progress, children who don’t read for fun have much lower scores than children who do. Reading to dogs provides a fun, non-judgmental environment where children can improve their reading skills. READ teams are sent to camps, schools, libraries and has spread to Canada

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