St Bernard Falls Down Stairs While Sleeping!!!!


Jub Jub likes to sleep by the edge of the most dangerous spiral staircase stairs known to man….. he decided to sleepily roll and accidently fell down the stairs!!!

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6 Responses to “St Bernard Falls Down Stairs While Sleeping!!!!”

  1. rcbif101 says:

    Ouch! That’s kinda funny, but could have ended up being really expensive if he got hurt. Wooden stairs too!

  2. RaspberrySeason says:


  3. leashlady says:


  4. SulliMike241 says:

    Ooh! I hope he didn’t hurt himself.

  5. SAINTSnUS says:

    awwww,, jeeeze, it he alright, lol!

  6. tmack1219 says:

    LOL! Hope he’s OK !

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