Someone help me find a sappy old dog food commercial please?


I forget the brand but it had a little toddler calling "come on, Casey!" & a fat little Irish Setter puppy tumbling after her. Fast forward years later & the little girl is grown up now. She calls out "come on, Casey!" & we see an old Irish Setter with a white muzzle & cloudy eyes slowly making his way over to her. I bawled every time I saw it. Does anyone remember this TV commercial?

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5 Responses to “Someone help me find a sappy old dog food commercial please?”

  1. Nekkid Dog © says:

    Im thinking it was either pedigree, purina or Iams

  2. Alice C says:

    Yes I remember it. Think it was Pedigree? For old age or something?

  3. Chibi says:

    i remember that commercial but i’m not too sure of the brand – perhaps pedigree – i’m not too sure tho.

  4. t_bh111 says:

    its on tv everyonw

  5. Erik says:

    It sounds like the old Gravy Train or Chuck Wagon commercials. This is the one that had the covered wagon racing around and the dog following.

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