So, my dog has NEVER done this before…. What do I do?!!!?


Okay, so there was a poopy diaper in the bathroom garbage yesterday, and this is the first time I think there’s been one in there since Daisy has lived here. When I step out of the house, the puppy Lollipop goes in her kennel, and Daisy stays out. Daisy has NEVER gotten into anything, chewed, scratched, or destroyed anything ever!

I was away for 20 mins, and came home to find the diaper opened up on our living room rug with all the contents eaten out of it!!! (The diaper itself wasn’t eaten.) While I was cleaning that up, my son pointed to a bottle of tums spilled on the floor, which are kept in my room on my headboard!!! Husband bought mint flavor, hated them, and left the bottle out. I checked in my room and there were tums spilled on my bed too.

She just had surgery the day before to remove a lump…. But she’s been acting herself besides this!!!

Anyone have an idea what’s suddenly going on? I think she needed the tums after she ate the diaper contents…. But there weren’t very many missing if any at all.

And I think I’ll make sure more doors are shut next time….

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5 Responses to “So, my dog has NEVER done this before…. What do I do?!!!?”

  1. DIY handywoman says:

    If you’ve had Daisy for a while (like a few years) and just got a new puppy, perhaps Daisy is feeling left out. Dogs are very smart so there’s definately a reason for this. Try spending more time with her and making sure she’s got plenty of chew toys or things to keep her entertained while you’re out.

  2. kfieldsy23 says:

    dogs will be sogs… even the best behaved can be bad sometime! make sure if you leave her out again to put medication away! i wouldnt be as concerned about the contents of the diaper as i would the pills she got in to

  3. Sarah <3 says:

    Probably bored.
    My german shepard did this until i got a lab.

  4. steffigiraffe says:

    I think you’ll find lots of dogs will do yucky things like this!

  5. ♥Jazz♥ is a Pit Bull says:

    Maybe she’s not getting the attention she’s used to, or something. Maybe she’s retaliating about something, is in pain, needs a good chew toy…anything. My dog once chewed up my teddy bear, and she has never done it before or sense. Never figured out why she did it, just for some reason, she did. Good Luck!