Snow covers Dallas ahead of Super Bowl

Snow covers Dallas ahead of Super Bowl


(CNN) — Wind-whipped snow twisted like a frozen dust devil across a vast swath of the nation on Tuesday, blinding motorists, closing airports and even complicating the travel plans of football fans headed to this weekend’s Super Bowl. The massive storm was forecast to spawn snow, ice and bitter cold from New Mexico to Maine. Forecasters said tens of millions of people will feel its effects. Four-foot snow drifts closed part of an interstate highway in Oklahoma, while police in St. Louis stopped patrolling in advance of the worst of a storm that is expected to leave as much as a foot of snow and an inch of ice in its wake in parts of Missouri. More than 30 states were under some form of alert due to the storm, with blizzard warnings up Tuesday in eight states — from Oklahoma to Michigan. Winter storm warnings extended all the way to New York and Boston as heavy snow was forecast across a 1500-mile slice of the country. “Do not travel! Stay inside!” the National Weather Service warned. “Strong winds and blinding snow will make travel nearly impossible. This is a life-threatening storm.” Snow covers Dallas ahead of Super Bowl Snow piling up in Wisconsin Chicago bracing for more snow Oklahoma braces for another wintry blast As much as 30 inches of blinding snow could fall across parts of Missouri and Illinois, with Chicago bracing for as much as 2 feet in a storm that could rival some of the worst the city has ever seen, according to CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen. Ice is

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    1. vancouvermild says:


      Do you know there’s a city in Canada (White Rock) that registered a warmer winter season (2009 – 2010) than Dallas? It was not only warmer; but it was also DECIDEDLY milder than Dallas after factoring in wind chill. It’s not the first winter it’s happened, either. Surprised? If you need proof, I’d be MORE than glad to provide the proof.

    2. PungChongTiong723 says:

      The End Times (2/02/2011 to 19/03/2011).At least One-third of the world’s population will be destroyed.Unless they are repent.Go All Out To Save The World.You all must follow the truth of Love, Faith, Hope and Ten Commandments. Remembered not eat meats, because we are lives in peace with all animals in A New Heaven & A New Earth. We must Love All Creation.

    3. mystermyke1 says:

      go steelers weather.