Sneaking Up On The Dog


My black lab (Shelby) doesn’t seem to understand the concept of going in one door and coming out of another. When I left her on the front porch, then snuck out the back door and around the apartment, she thought I was a stranger. It was fun!

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15 Responses to “Sneaking Up On The Dog”

  1. RissyRoman says:

    1 second she’s like really far away and then the camera goes around the corner. and when the camera goes back around the corner, SHES RIGHT THERE!! lol

  2. jrtrucker says:

    haha awsome!!

  3. SuperCuteButt1 says:

    This is funny Lol

  4. LolGurrl91 says:

    ROFLMFAO!!! XDDDD Omg, this made my evening :’D I was laughing so hard the entire time, now my sides hurt like shit XD The silly tune u play in the background makes it even more funny, i friggen love Shelby she’s such a cute, funny dog 🙂

  5. strokeofirish1 says:


  6. MarkStevenM says:

    coolest dog ever

  7. lique97 says:

    THEleachblade … I think the noise was steve saying get out im not sure totaly…

  8. lovecats2011 says:

    That was funny she was like I know it’s that damn Steve…Let me play with him….

  9. nyreechucky says:

    hahahahaha thats was so funny!!!

  10. tathya7 says:

    she’s so cute! it would be cool if she talks like yoda, “Who Todd is, wonders Steve.”

  11. vineyardedge says:

    What a good watch dog 😀

  12. Missysnobrd says:

    Very cute 🙂

  13. saranauert says:

    Shelby is one silly dog. and really funny

  14. johee626 says:

    Shelby is a big baby haha My Golden Retriever barks at ppl that walks around my yard but doesnt do anything lol

  15. THEleachBlade says:

    what in sams hill was that there noise in the back ground…it sounded like “Get out”