Shi-tzu owners?

Shi-tzu owners?


My Shi-tzu has curly hair – not really curly, but really wavy. I have never let it grow out like you see at the dog shows. I always clip him when his hair gets kind of long as he has either gotten mats, or because of the heat.(We live in Texas)

Anyway, just curious if anyone else’s Shi-tzus have curly hair, or if they are supposed to have curly hair, or what.

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    3 Responses to “Shi-tzu owners?”

    1. sassym says:

      I have 2 Shih-tzus and male (3yrs old) and a female (1yr old).
      My female hair is straight as any thing, looks like I’ve straighten it with hair irons!
      But my male has wavy hair and he has championship blood line so i think it is not uncommon, like people really some peoples hair is straight others have curly hair.

    2. Cathy L says:

      My mom owns one to and her max is the exact same way. No worries. He is 100% fine.

    3. dog mom says:

      My Shih Tzu has wavy hair, my mother-in-law’s Shih Tzu has fine, straight hair, and my friend’s Shih Tzu has thick, straight hair. So you see, Shih Tzus have a variety of hair textures and it’s all good.

      When I first brought my Shih Tzu home, she was in her show coat. It was extremely high maintence and I quickly had her groomer give her a puppy cut. It is so much cuter and much easier to take care of. Personally, I think wavy hair looks best with a puppy cut. Hope this was helpful. 🙂