Shadow Priest DPS test (Patch 3.3.5)


Shadow Priest DPS test, self buffed. It’s almost 9000! You can see it in HD. The 3 best openers are: Vt,Dp,Mb,Mf,Swp,pet (normal opener, long ramp up) Vt,Mf,Dp,Swp,pet (happy medium) Vt,Swp,Mb,Dp,Mf,pet (burst opener) This is to show how bursty the opener is and how fast it can reach max dps. I am aware that Sw:p does not have 5 stacks, and It is only good for short fights or mobs.

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    2 Responses to “Shadow Priest DPS test (Patch 3.3.5)”

    1. jaimagix says:

      This armor only for AoE, but not PvP

    2. Xoniao says: