Saltwater cleaning Question…………..?


i want to clean my tank out really good.can i put all my fish and inverts in a bucket full of aquarium water and then clean everything like the heater,filter,pump, and live rock. and is there anyway i could take out all the crushed coral/sand and clean that off

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3 Responses to “Saltwater cleaning Question…………..?”

  1. Mike says:

    If anything in a saltwater tank is that bad that you feel you need to completely clean it then something is really wrong and you should find out what that is.

  2. Iliana M says:

    Do you understand how live rock and sand works? If you were to take out the live rock and sand and "clean" it, you would be killing all of the beneficial organisms and bacteria that live in them, thereby rendering them completely worthless. Your tank would be unable to process ammonia and nitrite when you put the fish back in, and they would certainly die.

    You live rock and sand is your filtration, it is the heart of the tank and should never be allowed to dry out or be cleaned. You would destroy the balance in your tank by doing so. The only cleaning that should be done is regular partial water changes, and if you really want to clean some of the equipment, you can clean the heater off any any skimmer pumps that you want.

  3. aks says:

    You shouldn’t do that. Cleaning too much will remove beneficial bacteria and can kill your fish. The filter must remain wet to keep the cycle, and you should never change more than 50% of your water.

    If you want to do good cleaning, just do it slowly every week. One week clean some of the sand, next clean the live rock a bit, etc. Everything will still get clean, just not all at once. And leave your fish in the take while you do it. It is less stressful for them that way, and usually they don’t mind at all, they will swim up to your hand.