Rescue dog needs to be groomed but vicious when hind area touched. Are there any options?

Rescue dog needs to be groomed but vicious when hind area touched. Are there any options?


The groomer has muzzled him but he is 98 pounds and wrestles to get the muzzle off. We have considered a sedative but it is very costly. The vet we took him to was a bit afraid of him due to his size and breed of Chow and German Shepard. Suggested we have him put down. Does anyone have any suggestions? His hind area is very furry and collects poop. We need to do something to get him cleaned up.

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    9 Responses to “Rescue dog needs to be groomed but vicious when hind area touched. Are there any options?”

    1. Flick says:

      Try taking him to a different groomer as they should have a big dog grooming table where they can restrain him muzzle him and have a second person or even offer yourself. Alot of dogs do not like there back ends touched some have had bad experiences or his Knots are really hurting him. I wouldn’t recommend sedation as he is a pretty big dog and if he is overweight it is a bit risky and would be very hard to do if he is under. If you would like a more explained way of how they can restrain him email me at


    2. Elaine M says:

      Does he need a teeth cleaning? While he’s out the vet techs can shave his backside for you, doing it all at the same time.

    3. Tammy C says:

      Get an oral sedative ( acpromazine) It makes the dog so it doesn’t care.Put a really strong muzzle on him,and have several people hold him down while his rear is shaved.If he is that vicious,though,I would worry about a child ever coming near his rear,as he may attack them. Euthanasia may be the only choice.

    4. iowa cutie says:

      When he is tired put a leash on him all the way at the top like where the leashes are at in dog shows, Then slowly start rubbing his bottom and work your way down to his legs. After a while of you doing this he should get used to it. Please don’t give up on your dog. I had the same problem with a Snuazuer a groomed his old owners had stabbed him so he hated it when people would touch him there but after a while of me just petting him there and him seeing that nothing bad was going to happen he was fine with it.

    5. fpa06mr says:

      hes probably irritated from all the shit he has stuck to him. i say sedate him once and clean him up, then keep ontop of keeping his furred trimmed and maybe he wont get in this state again.

    6. Jennifer T says:

      I’ve been in that situation. Have one person work on distracting the dog while the other shaves down the rear. Right now, looks aren’t as important as finding out what is hurting him so badly under those mats. He may even have maggot infestation, if he’s that upset aobut you working there.

      ADDED: Don’t forget you can double-muzzle.

    7. mistypuppy says:

      ok well sudate him compleatly shave him and do this when evr his hair is too long and you will not have to spend that much! DO NOT PUT HIM DOWN HE DOES NOT DESERVE THAT!!

    8. aussie mom says:

      usually grooming tables have the dog in a noose and muzzled,, so how can he get to the groomer?

      also,, is he is pain back there? something doesn’t seem quite right

    9. mysuki says:

      Well from the sound of it no groomer is going to risk doing your dog the only way is to have the vet put him under to have it done yes it’s costly but your dog is to high of a risk not to have him knocked out…