Required SEO Help in website for important for Keyword Variance?

Required SEO Help in website for important for Keyword Variance?


Hi there,

I have a niche website at
basically what it does is that it allows compare prices across customize portable dog water bottle

I realised that searching this term "dog water bottle" gives me a high rank at the serp -11
compared to dog water bottle without quotes at rank 19.

There is also variants of the keyword lixit dog water bottle
,water bottle dog
and dog waterer
dog waterers

but all of them rank much lower.

Basically,when I went to google keyword analytics.The keyword global monthly search is the same for all the variants.

Should I modify my website to include all the variants of the keyword,it should be able to bring up the search engine ranking higher? is the perfect place to shop for a new dog water bottle. Leasa, owner, has owned dogs all of her life and offers the best for the discriminating dog owner at who desires the best for their best friends

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    6 Responses to “Required SEO Help in website for important for Keyword Variance?”

    1. Sharron Denardo says:


    2. Silimon C says:

      You should target much more keywords , and long ones too. I suggest to take a try with the Elite software and you should be fine.

    3. Shashank says:

      you can contact me, i can help you with SEO of you site.


    4. Mister Answerman says:

      Using "quote marks" allows Search engines to pick up the words encompassed within quote marks but ithe ones without qoute marks are seen as separate and single words. Dont use commas as that is a waste of tag space and does nothing for Search Engines.

      Using words that have nothing to do with your site may also put your site on the "WATCH" list which means that you are trolling for new customers who may not even want dog bottles but get your link in their search listing. Doing it this way may get you barred from major Search Engines for being a suspect of "phishing".

      Don’t bother with capital letters either, because it makes no difference. Keep each key word tag limited to a maximum of 20 keywords. Actually, anything more than 10 keywords may also be seen as phishing for customers. A keyword can be either a single word or a group of words encompassed within quote marks. Use a range of keyword tags, like Content, Author etc.. to ensure a good collection.

      See the link for an online generator and more help.

    5. Alison Shepherd says:

      Yes you do need variance, by spreading out and getting ranked even for these less important keywords, Google will see you as more natural. If the think you are just keyword rich on one term they might well penalize you harshly for this.

    6. BlueBoden says:

      Your site really has that look and feel, of being made with the single purpose of advertisements. You have little to no original content. If the sites only topic is water bottles for dogs, then it may be a good idea to create some more articles, linking in between each other, using relevant anchor text.

      My advice as a web developer, would be to focus more on your content. Some of the sites that I’ve worked on, has had top 3 placements in the search engines, for popular search phrases. I got a lot of pages in the top 10 of the search results, that doesn’t get a lot of clicks.

      In my experience, (but this may just be for the niche that the sites I’ve worked on are in), you would aim for a placement in the top 5 results, to get a stable amount of incoming traffic.

      It doesn’t help to mention all the variants of the search phrases that you would like to rank for. in fact it might even harm your placement. It also depends on how you do it, and how the rest of the content of the page compare to that.

      One thing which may harm your placement severely, is that you don’t seem to have a main header. You seem to be using the strong elements instead for some reason, which wouldn’t carry the same weight as a h1 header. If you are doing this for styling purposes, you may want to check out some tutorials on CSS.

      You also got a potential duplicate content problem on your hands. You should beware that your front page is accessible on both the domain, and the /index.html

      You should also remove the advertisements along your navigation links, as they may be in conflict with the adsense terms. When you place advertisements that close to navigational links, users may accidentally click on them, or click on them because they mistake them for navigation links.