Redecorating in an Apartment? How to make everything work together?

Redecorating in an Apartment? How to make everything work together?


Here’s the deal. I live in an apartment. My husband is military and not here now. Our apartment, though, is reminiscent of a bachelor pad, and this is just not acceptable for me. I hate feeling like things don’t work together, and so does he. I want to surprise him when he gets back with a put together home. I’m on i mission, but I’m also on a tight budget, so I need mostly DIY.

Here is my apartment layout:

In my living room, I have a hideous, but sentimental wing love seat thats coming apart and being held together with duct tape. I’m hoping to maybe use a slip cover?

An ugly hunter green leather recliner

A tiny TV stand with a 37 inch flat screen TV on top of it. It must stay on the wall between the hallway to the bathroom and bedroom and the foyer, because that’s where the cable is plugged in.

A dog crate for our Rat Terrier

A HIDEOUS HORRIBLE AWFUL attempt from much younger years at a DIY nightstand thats painted black with lime green and bright blue stenciling. We are currently using it as a table between the love seat and recliner.

We have all white walls because we can’t paint them. So wall art would help if anyone can give me DIY tips

Oh, and I’m hoping to get a coffee table and a small bookshelf soon, because currently all our books are in tupperware boxes in a corner.

So, as you can see, I need A LOT of help! Ideas? Advice? 😀

We are pretty much open to anything decor-wise, although we both agreed we don’t particularly want red to be a main color.
Oh, and we have tan carpet

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    1. David B says:

      your pictures were not much help… you need to be specific on what you want changed…. then maybe we can help with the changes….