Raw feeders(Dogs): bite sized pieces?


Do you cut your dog’s raw meaty bones into bite sized pieces? I did this hoping that my dog would keep his food in the bowl, but it didn’t work.

What do you do?

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2 Responses to “Raw feeders(Dogs): bite sized pieces?”

  1. snakestersnake says:

    The best thing to do with feeding raw is leaving the meat on the bones so that they need to chew it. This gives their jaws a work out as well as lets them indulge in natural activities.

    I find that letting the dogs eat from the grass is fine, but they can also be trained to eat off a mat.

  2. Brissychick90 says:

    No I don’t – I just give them to her whole outside or on the tiles. I never thought of cutting them up, I assumed bone would be too tough.