RAW feeders, is dehydrated raw less likely to have high bacterial levels than fresh raw meat?


Just wondering. I know it’s not usual for a dog to get sick from raw meat but still, it can happen. So I’m wondering, does dehydrating the raw meat get rid of bad bacteria? At least some of it?
Thanks if you can help.
Thanks East Dallas! I’ll check it out.

I want to feed my dog the best food. The dehydrated raw is convenient and the one I picked is actually excellent and the highest quality.
My dog doesn’t like fresh raw meat but the dehydrated raw, mixed with the herbs and veggies he loves.

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    6 Responses to “RAW feeders, is dehydrated raw less likely to have high bacterial levels than fresh raw meat?”

    1. ƄŔěƝđŎŊ îş ŇōƮ ďēăĐ‼ says:

      When you make raw food, make a big batch of it then freeze each meal in seperate containers.
      That way the freezing has killed ALL The bacteria, there is only the healthy stuff left, the nutrients are still at full capacity and you only have to thaw the food out for it to be ready for your dog!

    2. East Dallas says:

      I don’t believe it’s necessary, but I’d recommend that you ask the people at the Yahoo! raw feeding group.


      It is loaded with experts and EXTREMELY ACTIVE. I get in the neighborhood of 80 emails a day from this group:

    3. GOODD says:

      Dogs can eat slightly spoiled meat (by slightly I mean you wouldn’t eat it because it smells funny but it’s not rancid) and not get sick. Their digestive systems are set up to digest the bacteria. As long as you keep the meat frozen or refridgerated you will be fine.

      The only food preparation that I know of that kills bacteria is high heat. Aka, cooking. Which defeats the purpose of RAW.

    4. Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone? says:

      Yes and no. It depends on the state of the meat to begin with. Not all raw meat is covered in HARMFUL bacteria. I say harmful because bacteria and protozoa are everywhere and on everything.

      Most raw feeder that I have met and in my own experiences are using dehydrated meats they have dehydrated themselves or from trusted sources so they know what the odds are for contamination and this is usually for treats/snacks. Not so much an actual meal like for Addiction brand Raw Dehydrated. You still have to rehydrate that food before feeding though.

      A healthy dog can fight off the standard bacteria load though, I mean
      come one they eat their own feces and that is LOADED with them.

    5. Anubis * Star says:

      I see no need in it, really, and I’m sure drying the meat could potentially lower some nutritional value. Besides, one of the perks of feeding raw is the fact that the dog drinks less water.

      I’ve only been feeding raw for a couple weeks, but I did a lot of research before hand. I’m not super worried of bacterial problems, but I do take the meat straight from the fridge to my dog’s towels. The colder the meat, the less chance of bacteria, and seeing as how they scarf it down pretty fast, it doesn’t sit out for long.

      Studies have shown that there is Salmonella everywhere, in very unexpected places. Your dog has plenty of opportunity to pick up bacteria out in the world, so raw food shouldn’t be a major concern.

      Some people will tell you to cook the meat, but they are idiots and shouldn’t answer unless they actually know what they are talking about.

    6. Life Without End -- At Last ! says:

      If the meat is dehydrated at a high enough temperature, then yes, it will have less bacteria. Also, the food being dry has less of a chance of getting mold or bacteria growing.

      Look up The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food and they tell you a little about the process.

      So yes, I think it is safer than fresh raw meat, with regards to bacteria.

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