Raw Feeder Question……………..???

Raw Feeder Question……………..???


I am looking for answers from fellow Raw Feeders only.
My friend was cleaning out her large freezer and offered me some beef stew meat and some lamb for my dogs. The meat is from 2002 but has been frozen the entire time, I think it is still fine to feed them. What do you think?
I have done my homework but thanks. My dogs dont eat kibble they eat a raw food diet. I am just asking opinion about this particular meat not raw feeding in general.

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    4 Responses to “Raw Feeder Question……………..???”

    1. DREALSEAMAN says:

      Don’t feed your dog with that food.It’s way too old.Frozen food is good for no more than 1 year in order to feed dogs.You could confirm this just by reading the expiration date of the frozen food available at your pet stores in your area.Good luck

      PS: Its true that dogs have a strong inmune system and might tolerate some ripe food,but certantly you could cause them serious bacterial and digestive problems if you feed the animal with this kind of food. Friend of mine lost his dog that way.Don’t listen to people who say that let the dog smell the food…usally,dogs will eat it specially if they’re hungry enough or just willing to try something new beside the habitual kibbles or the same food that they"ve trying mostly of the time.

    2. DOBIES ARE GREAT!! says:

      yes its ok just make sure you thaw it and smell it. also if it is discolored in anyway don’t feed it. but one of my dogs did snatch some rotten hamburger meat from the garbage once, nothing happened, she didn’t even puke.

    3. Coly says:

      I would let it thaw and them smell it.. I mean really smell it. If it smells and looks ok, it should be fine.

      My dogs will not eat spoiled meat, so if your dog won’t touch it, don’t make him or her.

    4. Animal Artwork misses Greekman says:

      If it doesn’t smell funny and isn’t too freezer burnt *I* would feed it.

      Edit: Like your first poster, I’d let the dogs decide. Heck, I evaluate whether I eat the eggs I crack by whether they’ll eat the shells. If they won’t eat them, neither will I!!