Questions regarding a 3lb pomeranian–stairs?Other dogs?

Questions regarding a 3lb pomeranian–stairs?Other dogs?


I am considering adopting a very small pomeranian. His adult weight is estimated to be 2.5-3lbs. Is his size going to be so small and fragile as an adult that it would be dangerous for him to go up and down stairs? I plan on adopting another small breed dog (8-10lbs), would it be safe to leave them alone together after awhile, or would the pomeranian be so fragile his whole life that it wouldn’t be safe?

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9 Responses to “Questions regarding a 3lb pomeranian–stairs?Other dogs?”

  1. Maureen M says:

    Before you adopt this dog have it evaluated by a vet. A dog that is so unnaturally small for his breed is a health problem waiting to happen. If he will be that fragile, he will probably be unhealthy as well. A healthy dog should be able to walk up and down stairs. Vet bills can add up very quickly for an ill bred dog. You have to look down the road and determine whether you can afford to care for this dog in the long run.
    It is easy to adopt but it is far harder to lose a pet due to health problems after you have bonded.

  2. greypomsam says:

    DO NOT get a dog that light.
    they are very fragile and a pomeranian should at least weigh 4lb

  3. Launi says:

    I ended up adopting a 4 pound Pom/mix from one of my vet’s assistants. She ended up with the dog because the owner died. I took Panda to try and find her the right home. She stayed with me for about 6 months before I found the PERFECT home for her. She was born without teeth (very very bad breeding) so at 6 years old her tongue stuck out but she could eat with no problem.

    She was housebroken. Used my ‘Dachshund" ramp to get up and down off the couch, would get between the legs of my other dogs and went with them out the doggie door. (She was too small to push it herself but she certainly figured a way to go).

    The little one will figure the stairs if she feels comfortable.

    Panda was in my house with 7 other dogs weighing from 12 pounds to 72 pounds.

    So, I don’t think you have any worries. And since you are adopting, bless you.

  4. savannah_jc23 says:

    Please don’t get a pom that little…The avergae weight should be 4-10lbs…….I ahve a pom and two babies…she weighs 12lbs…( she is overweight) both puppies are 4 weeks and weigh 1.6 lbs…..Poms that weigh that little are not good, the standard for these dogs are not that little and yes he will be very fragile and may have health problems…and a 8-10lb dog could hurt it….I would find another pom……..Not sure where you are located, if you are around Ala…I ahve two

  5. Victoria G says:

    I have a pomeranian and he is like 10 pounds. He is fragile but not so much that he can’t climb up stairs. I have a friend who has a type of chinese breed dog and she is really little. She weighs like 5 pounds and the first day they got her my friends dad stepped on her. They had to take her to the doctors cause she had a broken leg. So if u get a little dog you just have to take extra precautions.

  6. Jillian says:

    I don’t see how a pomeranian weighs less than a chihuahua. He might be willing to do the stairs or he might not. If he doesn’t then just block them off with a baby gate. It should be safe to leave them together unless they hate each other.

  7. Bozema says:

    The breed standard for Pomeranians is 3-7 pounds with 4-6 pounds being ideal. Any dog smaller than standard is going to be more fragile and subject to injuries and illness than a standard sized dog. You will have to assess his ability to navigate the particular stairs you have and his ability to be safe around another small but slightly larger dog. But there is no question that such a small dog will be fragile and will have to be watched carefully its entire life.

  8. Lindsay B says:

    Please don’t get this dog. Average weight for a full grown one is 4-6 pounds. Probably was bred by an unreputable backyard greeder, puppy mill or pet store. These runts come with many health issues.

  9. sailoraquafina says:

    Poms shouldn’t be allowed to jump from a height. They can easily break legs or even their necks by jumping off a couch or a chair. They may be small dogs, but they have the personality of large dogs, they think they’re bigger than they are.

    Also, anyone who told you a pom will be 3lbs as an adult, even a male, is not to be trusted as a pom breeder. I have a mentor who is teaching me the ins and outs of poms and the breed standard sets dogs at 4-4.5lbs. Don’t trust anyone who claims their poms are "teacups". There is no such thing as teacups. Irreputable breeders breeding for size and not temperment. These dogs rarely have the healthy lifestyle of a well bred puppy and are more likely to be affected by diseases. You should wait for the right breeder to have a litter. I’ve been on a waiting list for ages and I’ve been reading up on the breed for even longer.

    Poms shouldn’t have issues negotiating stairs, but when they get older, they may get brittle joints and need carrying up and down stairs. Poms will also get along really well with other small breed and large breed dogs if they are raised together.