Questions about feeding my dog raw food?


I am changing my dog to a B.A.R.F. diet. (Bones and Raw Food). Any comments from B.A.R.F. feeders? What to expect? How much? How many times a day? He’s a 43 pound dog.
Actually, BB, I don’t change his food alot, these are just ideas, it is true that he just changed from Wellness to Chicken Soup, but he’s never gotten sick from being switched around. Please, no shitty answers, just helpful ones?

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    6 Responses to “Questions about feeding my dog raw food?”

    1. Kimmysmomma says:

      YAY!!! welcome to being a raw feeder.. I’m also a raw feeder..its the best food for your dog.. After I switched my dogs to raw all their health problems cleared up. here is a very healpful link for you

      it answers all myths..such as the blood making them mean to bones killing your dog…I hope you injoy..let me know if you have any questions.. oh ya..when feeding the raw diet always use half bome and half meat.. like some nights my 45 pound dog gets 6 oz of chicken necks and 6 oz of beef roast..and the same for my 11 pound shitzu..

    2. Alisha S says:

      I had seriously considered changing my dogs to the BARF diet. However, after researching and reading all that I could find, I realized that it probably wasn’t the best idea. The dogs require many vitamins and minerals that have to be added to the food. Not to mention the fact that it takes a ton of time and a lot of cash. They also have to eat more of the BARF then of regular kibble.

      I came to the conclusion that you only need to feed a BARF diet if your dogs are running the Iditarod, or are herding all day every day.

      Good luck, I hope you find the info you need.

    3. ☮Dani says:

      Any diet that gets a dog eating foods that are not filled with preservatives and other chemicals found in most commercial dog food is considered by most canine nutritionists as a step in the right direction. But the raw meat diets which are on the market today fall into the same trap as the all-breed/any-breed kibble and are being sold as "one diet GOOD for all dogs." Even though, in the National Research Council’s book, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs,they show how one breed can have a different reaction to a single food source than another breed. There are breeds that have genetic predisposed allergies to beef. Some dog breeds have inherent allergies to fish or chicken. We know that the amino acid content of various meat sources are different and must be in the correct balance for the animal being fed so that the protein is bio-nutritive for that animal and not cause an allergenic reaction. Raw or cooked, you should not use a meat source that will cause the breed of dog you are feeding nutritional distress. It has been PROVEN that the differences in per kilogram nutritional requirements of the different breeds makes it impossible for any one diet, including a raw meat diet, to be nutritionally correct for all dogs.

      The meat that we can buy at the store (the same meat you and I buy and cook before eating) is NOT the same as the meat that a wild animal eats from a natural kill. Commercial meat has been processed and exposed to many factors that make feeding it to our companion pets potentially harmful. If we could provide the same fresh raw meat that the ancestors of today’s dog had access to 600,000 years ago, including the hot fresh guts – what wild animals still go for first in a kill – then it might be OK to feed them with that food source. Unfortunately, today’s pet owners can’t. Meat that is processed and sold through retailers has been exposed to a number of chemical agents. There are 72,00 chemicals now in use in the USA. Commercial meat, even "Organic meat", can be (and most likely is) exposed to most of these 72,00 chemicals. These MUST be destroyed by using heat to generate temperatures that will break them down.

    4. ♪♫BB♫♪ wants to crawl in a hole says:

      from the questions you ask, It seems you change his food alot!

    5. Rayven ~Count Down to Sept 13t ~ says:

      I am starring this for my contacts as I have a few who do the BARF diet. I do prey model < no veggies or fruits.

      ADD: Actually Alisha supplementing is OPTIONAL. There is more work with BARF than prey model as you have to pulp up whatever veggies and fruits you feed, none of which are needed. As for money that’s why you shop around for the best deals. on meat. And you can’t compare the feeding methods of either as you are talking about two different kids of product

      The raw diet is practical for just about any dog regardless of whether they are working dogs or not.

    6. CCHOT2U says:

      i do not recommend raw food for any dog unless you are preparing him to fight in a pit.once a dog tastes blood and raw food it only makes them mean.