Puppy + Mirror for 1st time = CuTe!!


Baby chihuahua Bailey sees his reflection in the mirror for the first time! YES! thats a puppy pee pad…we were potty training him =D Please let us know what you think in a Comment!!! thx SUBSCRIBE!!! *We’ll attend to these accounts when more ppl add…have to make it worth it!!* Twitter: twitter.com Dailybooth: dailybooth.com

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    11 Responses to “Puppy + Mirror for 1st time = CuTe!!”

    1. nicksfunhouse says:

      hes a teacup, watch some of our recent vids…hes full grown at 4lbs.

      hes the cuTest chi we’ve ever seen =D


    2. lilpackerfreak says:

      hes soooo cute and tiny!! is he a standard Chihuahuas or teacup miniature?

    3. luckie06106 says:

      how cute!!

    4. OMFGitsmaggie says:

      D’aaaaw he’s adorable. [:

    5. lowend0420 says:

      funny stuff

    6. julioruler says:


    7. HardcoreMagic1234 says:

      Bailey’s so cute. I was also wondering how old she is?

    8. EzaroWorld says:

      5 stars for puppy pee pad!

    9. hunnnmurillo says:

      lol this is so funny i am going to send it to all my friends on myspace

    10. rainbowpagan says:

      he is like who is that sexy guy there

    11. KittyCat323 says:

      Baby Bailey Looks so cute looking himself in the mirror our bird “Blanquito” did that and we recorded him