Puppy Meets the Stairs…


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    25 Responses to “Puppy Meets the Stairs…”

    1. dawnflower14 says:

      @TheDiscipleofSlash And having such short stumpy legs too. I don’t blame the poor thing for being a bit scared.

    2. konjeek says:

      this is exactly how i taught my dog’s litter of five puppies about stairs, it took them a bit, but you have to be patient and let them know your there

    3. FullCircle360D says:

      awww so cute

    4. supertabby101 says:


    5. TheDiscipleofSlash says:

      @dawnflower14 Also, imagine being only that tall and having the daunting task of going down those stairs. I’d be nervous too.

    6. FranciscoSRO2 says:

      OMG SWEET!

    7. Sanngot says:

      I melted from the cuteness of this video! <)

    8. Bastarden says:

      Sooooo sweeet, giving a puppy that kind of encouragement boosts its confidence LOADS…very good for future relationship (if you’re not Cesar Millan and think everything the dog does is dominance or trying to take over). Mind you, some people just push the dog down and expects it to handle the stairs….

    9. 1377master says:


    10. MikeMsDaughter11 says:

      OMG It sounds like puppy Lady from the beginning of Lady and the Tramp! <3

    11. michaelsensation13 says:

      @yodaddyxx No, I think you need to meet my fist (:

    12. yodaddyxx says:

      @noobrider100 you’re a big a joke as your videos, that’s why nobody likes you and you should kill yourself

    13. noobrider100 says:

      @yodaddyxx 4Chan wannabe fag, that shit is old news and you post it trying to be cool? Fail big time nigga.

    14. yodaddyxx says:

      @noobrider100 fuck off bitch, play your dungeons and dragons and keep suckin dick

    15. noobrider100 says:

      @yodaddyxx not cool fag.

    16. yodaddyxx says:

      this puppy needs to meet a river

    17. TheNyosis says:


    18. FlutePlayingBabe says:

      @TheYTChronicles .. do u not realize that u are comparing yourself to a one pound puppy?

    19. Fishchick65 says:

      cute as! Made me smile

    20. DCstudios100 says:

      lol ambush at end

    21. xcal7875 says:

      awwww daaa babyy

    22. xXwannabeguitaristXx says:

      Oh fucking gawd. That’s so cute!

    23. IsThisThingOn87 says:

      Jesus H God!! This is sooooooo cute <3

    24. ouranyorkie888 says:

      Slinky dawg! :3

    25. darkdemondayz says:

      awwww the fussing but having a big cat and a small pup seems bad to the small dog

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