Proper Water Bowl For a Bunny


Mog Troll shows the use of a properly sized water bowl for a bunny. Big enough for a St Bernard to drink from. Anything lighter would be picked up by the bunny troll and flung. This crock works great 😉

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    12 Responses to “Proper Water Bowl For a Bunny”

    1. Lagolop says:

      Wanna see some tossing, check these out …

    2. Gerbil12690 says:

      Such an adorable lil fuzz ball! My lil guy actually enjoys tossing around an empty light bowl haha

    3. MaximusRabbitus says:

      Haha SO TRUE!. If the bowl is too light – bye bye bowl!

    4. MaximusRabbitus says:

      HAHA SO TRUE! Bunnies make light work out of a light bowl! Mwaa haa haa haa

    5. xtimeforus says:

      i actually have the exact same bowl for my rabbits food. he used to dump over his food dish and get it all over the place so we got that bowl. lol he actuallly sticks his two front feet in and eats out of it, but recently he’s been flinging his food ALL OVER, gotta love it. he likes sitting in it too lol!

    6. Vissnia says:

      Right.. new bowl and water tastes delicious 😀 Like never before, LOL

    7. Lagolop says:

      I know, anything smaller or lighter gets tossed … RABBTS!

    8. mrchloe says:

      ha. look at that wet mouth! he is hilarious. mr. beau does the same thing with his elephant sized watering bowl. 🙂

    9. Lagolop says:

      While not nearly as soisy as he usually is when he drinks, you can still at least hear the lip licking. Normally he blorps and gulps; very funny sounds.

    10. KIMZMAD says:

      yea, I kind of figured I was missing a lot..have to watch it on kids computer! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    11. Lagolop says:

      I just fill about half full. What he drinks hardly makes a dent. He does have another bowl at the other end of the house, much smaller and fits into a slot fixed to the floor remember the tossing. This bowl was meant as a emergency thing in case we croaked and he was left alone. There is hay everywhere so he would never starve but water is another thing. Have never seen his bowel so can’t tell you how short is is 😉 Sound makes this movie 🙂

    12. KIMZMAD says:

      LOL….I like the way he wipes his face on the edge, and has to lick it off…I have never seen such a messy drinker! 🙂 I dont have sound, so might have missed any pertinent info about why he is so intent on water, or why you make his bowl so empty? shorter bowel…more water? sorry, couldn’t resist torment-he is sooo cute!