Potty Training Your Puppy


Zamzows Pet Room Manager Katie Copple discusses Potty Training Puppies. Potty Training should start immediately when you bring your new puppy home. Both the Wee Wee Pad and the Pee Post can be purchased online at www.zamzows.com. If you have any questions about Potty Trainiing puppies, contact us at zamzows@zamzows.com

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    One Response to “Potty Training Your Puppy”

    1. vidgirl4444 says:

      1 minute ago
      my puppy is 5 months old female chi. I had her on pads she was doing ok a few mistakes but never poop so someone told me the DITCH then and go right outside. she pees out but not poop. she been crate train for 3 days now. any tips PLEASE is there still hope?