Potty training my dog?

Potty training my dog?


My dear little Bella is almost 1 1/2 old and she has now started going potty in my house. She loves pooping in closets and peeing on any clothes that are on the floor. I just got her in May and she didn’t do this at first. Nothing has changed and I take her outside many times through out the day. This all started about a month ago. Does anyone have any suggestions to make it stop. I have been having to put her in her kennel while I am at work because I am afraid she will potty all over the house. I don’t want her to be kenneled up but I am out of options now.

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2 Responses to “Potty training my dog?”

  1. Brec says:

    I know ill probably catch a bunch of h*ll for this but ive got a 5 year old, 7 pound shitzu (i think thats how you spell it?) that has yet to go business inside my house for nearly 4 years now, even when left at home for over 12 hours at a time. Here is what you do, listen closely and dont chang a d*mn thing. When he/she does his/her business inside your home, pick it up stick its nose in the “business” yell “NO, NO, NO” and then spank it on the butt three times in a row. Yes, I am serious. But it does not end here…pick them back up, stick them on something very tall and shake and bang on the tall object until the dog falls off, then catch them before they hit the ground and stick them outside for a half hour to an hour. When you let them in, everyone human who is inside the house is to stomp their feet all around the dog and yell “NO POTTY INSIDE! NO POTTY INSIDE!” After I did this about half a dozen times, he never went inside my house or any other persons house ever again. To this day he also responds at the drop of a hat when I raise my voive. People can say I am cruel, but I am not. I love that little guy and I didnt want him to have to suffer his whole life being yelled at and spanked because he couldnt or wouldnt obey the laws set before him, that would have been my fault and refused to let that tak place. Now i never have to yell at him and he even walks the neighborhood off a leash, do yourself a favor and do exactly what i have told you.

  2. Flavia says:

    us hould use puppy pads u can find them at any grocery store or animal store like petco or pets mart and they work! good luck