Potty Training 101!


Well.. Zohey decided when she was 6 months old that her litter box was only for #2, and pee pee had to go on the kitchen floor.. this wasnt going to fly with mommy! I used these puppy pads for pee pee.. then gradually weaned her back into using her litter box.. so were all good now!

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    9 Responses to “Potty Training 101!”

    1. cudaviper says:

      possums are very clean creatures, with ours we put a hand full of litter in the box with her at a very young age, she went there and no where else, so when she got older and had the run of the house she went to the cats litter box. although she didnt cover it like a cat, that was ok. and she did get along with the cats but the cats did keep a distance as she did not show welcome to their inquiries. never once showed any kind of aggression toward anyone.

    2. mamaloochie says:

      good girl!

    3. TheCourtnie says:

      a potty trained opossum…thats friggin awesome….i got one that i cant release….hope he will do that too!!

    4. ggyyhhf says:

      ..herself.. so I had to buy the puppy pad platforms to lock them into… but shes been doing pretty well.. after her surgery, i had to teach her to potty (both ways) inside out walk-in shower to monitor the color of her feces and urine… so ever since then shes pretty much been using that for the last year.. which is easier clean up! with bleach! … let me know if you have any more questions!

    5. ggyyhhf says:

      i didnt use any treats … lol.. opossum stop peeing when you pick them up, so when she would start somewhere else, i would carry her to her pad… until eventually she would smell her scent and go on it. BUT …. the tricky part is .. is that, unlike cats and dogs, SHE PICKS where she wants to go potty at… so wherever she starts going at, is where i have to relocate her pads… i have a few in each room… that is why this pad is in such an awkward location. ALSO, she drags her butt to wipe

    6. LarpingOgerofMI says:

      hi, how did you manage this? just put them there once every hour until they go than reward with a banana slice or something? also, could you use kitty litter?

    7. chocara1 says:

      How did you get her to go on the pad finally? I think that I’m going to have a hard time with my 6 mt old puppy. Just got her yesterday.

    8. booktalkgirl says:

      I don’t get why people think possums are so scary, I think they are ADORABLE
      Yours is sooooo cute!
      They should make a possum pad, lol

    9. vampyremelz says:

      wow a possum…lol