Possible jail time for Robbery & Aggravated assault.?


Quick question.
What is the chances of going to jail & how long in jail.
For first time convinced of Robbery & Aggravated Assault?
No criminal record that i know of (A few fights in high school with charges dropped/dealt with in a diff matter, A few mini theft charges from malls like taking a toy dealt with in diff matter. ‘Like ramp, pay fines & dropped.’)
Positives i’v done: School in spring, two career paths construction during warmer months, Contract company during winter & living on my own. Im 20. Charged back when i just turned 18(2-3 months into being 18) no other/new criminal charges since that one charge but did breach (witch i was sent to jail on and then released because cops checked front door while i was in the backyard with my dog during the night so she could go bathroom and they breached me without even checking the backyard ‘i didnt answer do because of that’ but that one breach has been dealt with).

(Either way believe me or not it’s besides the fact and it’s left to the courts to choose i am innocent in this charge because i was with the dude as a 3rd party basically watched was to stupid to run ‘just so those people dont pop in and go you stupid shit i hope you rot in jail’ sooner.)

this is in Saskatchewan.
30 days? thats intense i was in there for 7 days for breach. first 24 hours all i did was sleep. then the next 3 days i had no sleep besides a few hours here and then then the rest i was phasing the room going hellz yeah almost out of here. im really hoping they cut slack and just probation.

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One Response to “Possible jail time for Robbery & Aggravated assault.?”

  1. Billy Bob says:

    30 days in jail.