Police K-9 and SWAT teamTakedown


A Phoenix police K-9 and SWAT team capture a man who claimed he had a pipe bomb and engaged them in an hour-long standoff during rush hour. Needless to say Dog 1 – Suspect 0

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    6 Responses to “Police K-9 and SWAT teamTakedown”

    1. blackdojo says:

      @BlackS7ven so what just shoot him and be done with it . i think they handled the situation quite well since he claimed he had a bomb i mean you choose few stitches or a hole in ya chest

    2. blackdojo says:

      @lbonnem1 very good dog indeed

    3. BlackS7ven says:

      @redeyejedi702 Wow! Take a Chill Pill dude.
      This is how I see it because I live in the UK.

      Don’t shoot the messenger.

    4. redeyejedi702 says:

      @BlackS7ven You are a fucking moron…He was threating WITH DEADLY FORCE. You sir are a fucking idiot. he should oif been shot in the head by a sniper 2 miles away. Prob. fixed.

    5. BlackS7ven says:

      If cops in England did something like that in the UK, they would have been sued.

      I think the cops in this video were kind of enjoin seen that dog ripping that guy a part.

    6. lbonnem1 says:

      Good dog!