Please help me I am scared.?

Please help me I am scared.?


So I am 16 years old and then today I walked up to safeway for exercise, and this 30 year old and I met in the pet isle and I
helped him with what dog food to buy. He then had me follow him to his car, and at this time I thought he was 21-25 and then him and I had a smoke and after that, he got my number and said I am thirty years old and your so hot want a ride. So I said No, I am more of a walker.
He then sees my cousin Mat who is 29 and then I hide, because I am with a perverted thirty year old, and I say do you know him, and he said we used to hang out at the same bar, but were not friends.

QUESTION: What should I have done deferentially? I am safe now but am naive so please be nice, my older brother gave me the hardest time about this, and I need help obviously, what would you have done different.
MORONS: I was not at a bar! My cousin Mat knew the guy who was trying to hit on me from a bar.
Thank you everyone who is supportive I value your opinions and am so thankful.

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    35 Responses to “Please help me I am scared.?”

    1. mama g says:

      Oh gosh, honey, I know how you feel. When I was 16, 17 I was often hit on by older men. At the time, I thought it was because I was particularly sophisticated and attractive. With hindsight, I now believe it was because I was extremely naive and it showed. I looked like an easy target–and I was an easy target–because I never wanted to believe that a guy would want to hurt me, or that a guy could be a pervert. The truth is, there is nothing that a 16 year old has to offer to a 30 year old if he is healthy, intelligent, mature…..the kind of things you want in a guy…..not because you have nothing to offer, but because he should by now have already learned the lessons about love and relationships that you are just starting to learn. If he is seeking out someone your age, he is NOT the kind of guy you’d want anyway. Please, never, ever, ever, ever follow a guy to his car—once a potential abductor/rapist has removed you from the place where he first found you, chances of your survival are very slim. Even if he had been 21-25, it would be a felony for him to pursue a relationship with you. I know 16 year old guys can be a drag and seem immature, but a 30 year old cruising for teenagers (or even a 22 year old cruising for teenagers) is also immature.

    2. tadpole says:

      if you were someone i knew, i would give you a hard time also. you need to realize that your family is just looking out for you, so take their advice to heart.

      you did the right thing by not taking a ride with him. dont ever do that, as you know that bad things can happen (rape, etc)

      also, next time do NOT give out your number. you can always get THEIR number, if you are interested, you can call, etc, and even block your number by doing a *67 so that the number will show up as "private" instead of showing your real phone number.

      also, ALWAYS stay within view / earshot of other people. imagine if he parked his car on the side of the store where no one could hear you or see you? he and even a few friends can force you into a car…and you know what can potentially happen after that. if you stay within a range where people can hear you if you call for help, then you should be ok, but even then, be very suspicious of strangers.

      since you are 16 (about the time girls start looking more adult, etc) you might want to look into a pepper spray of some sort.

      i am not saying that you should never help people. but with every situation, you should by all means help, but always keep in mind that a seemingly innocent thing as asking for your help could be a trick to cause you some harm.

      please, please, please be more careful.

    3. Kathy says:

      I’m sorry, but going out to his car was the dumbest thing you could have done. Don’t you realize that could have been the end of you. To answer your question, you shouldn’t have left the store with him, and you shouldn’t have given him your number. If he calls tell him your not interested, not even hanging out no matter what he says. If he calls again then you should call the cops and tell them that he is harassing you.

    4. marchineagle4110 says:

      first of all, not smoked. don’t you know you can get lung cancer?

      and two, yes, I would have been polite and helped him find dog food but I wouldn’t have walked out to his car, do you know there is a sex offender still lose where I am living and thousands of more out there. He could have easily shoubed you in the car and if you say well I would have fought, he could have knocked you out.

      I do have to give you credit for saying no to the ride but just think about how things could happen next time. If you had gotten in that car with a complete stranger, I must exagerate, you could have been raped and killed. did this ever pass your mind how you could not only hurt yourself but others like your brother around you?

      Just think next time and you’re 16, you shouldn’t be smoking, it can also kill you. wow, two near death expierences in one day. impressive. and say you’re naive okay, i’m also a young teenager but I know not to smoke or talk to complete strangers esp. who look older than me. just, be becareful okay. I don’t want anyone to end up on that screen like a girl in my area had to do…it’s sad. good luck=)

    5. Tiffany D says:

      since you are 16 anyone in their 20’s should be off limits. No 30 year old man is right in their head if they like anyone under 20. its perverted. So therefor you shouldt of gave him the time of day to even talk to him. Just keep in mind that most men are dogs and will do whatever they can to take advantage of you. So please dont fall for it, it will just leave you hurt (if he decides to let you live after raping you) please for the sake of your life, stay away from men like that.

    6. Vortex says:

      You should not have followed him to his car. Did he know you are only 16 when he asked for your number? You may have told him you were only 16 and if he was over 18 you could not go out with him. Your assumption is that he is perverted. You do not mention him doing anything perverted except asking for your number which may have been because he did not know your age. If he calls tell him you are 16 and cannot date him.

    7. Shalee says:

      If i am a sixteen year old and i see a guy that looks anywhere near the age of 20 and up unless the man is like 90 and cant help his self than i would not even say one word. oh wait yes i would have, i would have said F**K off…PRIK…

    8. Lisa Marie says:

      The girl wanted advice on what to do… she doesn’t need somebody breathin down her neck tellin her not to smoke… its her choice not everybody else’s .. maybe you shoud wait until she ASKS for help with SMOKING before you BUT IN TO SOMETHING ELSE! as for the creep.. i’d get my number back.. and tell my cousin what was going on .. (if he’s the type that would take up for you!

    9. Emily says:

      Well, I have lived and learned (I am 35) and I was a little naive too. First of all, you really can’t trust people until you really get to know them. IF . . you look 16, then he obviously had no business smoking with you or anything else for that matter. Try your best sticking to guys around your age and spend quite a bit of time talking to them first – preferably over the phone. Don’t go anywhere without your parents knowing. Please be careful – every day we hear of some innocent teen getting trapped (and sometimes killed or raped) by older men who are predators. ALWAYS trust your inner voice – it will never lead you astray!

    10. Cynthia F says:

      you were being a good person and I’m sorta in the same position
      I’m 17 and hes 32 and it sux
      I’m just as afraid as you are and i hope there are ways for us to get out of our predicament’s
      *sigh* hopefully

    11. faithtogo says:

      never follow a man u dont know to his car u are just askin for trouble!!!!!
      BE CAREFUL theres alot of bad people out there

    12. supervixen says:

      even if he was 21-25, sorry but any guy even that age hitting on a 16 year old is a creep. pedofile! duh! even if they seem nice, trust me, guys that age going after teenagers are out for only sex. i know a 37 year old who dates teens and its sick!

    13. -roxychica101- says:

      …i wouldn’t have talked to the stranger…but if i had 2…I would politely say bye and gO 2 AN ADULT that i know or like a police or sometin..

    14. Noelle. says:

      NEVER follow a stranger to his car.
      and dont and give him your number. unless you somehow know someone who knows him.
      but good job by not getting in the car with him.
      but please dont ever follow someone to their car.

    15. itzmaryxdz says:

      for starters, I always ask for their age even if I think they look young. I would have helped him get his dog food but that would be the end of it and if he needed more help I would have asked a worker in a store to help him.

    16. kittykatcs says:

      found out more about him before giving out ur number. or not given out ur number at all.

    17. Britniiiiii says:

      you should of just kept walking or you shouldnt of gone to his car

    18. Kaitlyn* says:

      ha okay one you shouldnt have gave him your number. for all you know he could be some creepy stalker guy. hmm other than that if you didnt give him your number he wouldnt had have any other way to find you. so i woulda just shrugged it off. but BIG MISTAKE with the number..

    19. mocha510 says:

      quit that job
      so there is no seeing him
      if u dont know the # dont answer it, or just say u have the wrong #

    20. Sophia M says:

      If I were you, I wouldn’t have gone to his car at all. It’s dangerous to be with strangers in a situation where they can easily take control and manipulate you.

      I suppose it was O.K. to help him in the store with what food to buy, but you shouldn’t have gone any farther than that. He could have really hurt you if he wanted to.

    21. Rozsel says:

      why would u follow a person u dont noe i mean Seriously Wtf lol Jkjkjjjkjk

    22. michele says:

      dont talk to strangers

    23. Ashley :) says:

      Wait, do you live in Arizona?
      (Answer under ‘Additional Details’ please).

    24. Lil' JJ says:

      ehhh im confused

    25. Lorie B says:

      You already know or you would not have been hiding!!

    26. BlueJuliet says:

      1. Don’t follow strange men out to their cars.

      That’s it. You could end up dead.

    27. Torey E says:

      don’t give out your number until you know more about the guy.

    28. nick j fan 529 says:

      tell him the truth and 2 leave u alone

    29. ?__? says:

      you should not of gave him your number

    30. Celtic_Goddess says:

      no more talking to older men, and definitely no having a smoke with them. if a guy wants to help u out at the store fine, but following him to his car could result in KIDNAP, RAPE, and/or MURDER. and you shouldn’t be sucking cancer sticks either.

    31. need2speed says:

      16 year old with 30 year old = trouble

    32. *ox~M'n'M~xo* says:

      one thing you should never do is to give out your phone number to some one u don’t know! thats what i would’ve done different.

    33. Elizabeth S says:

      i would have left him there and threw his number in his face

    34. [Jay] [Oh] [YNWA] says:

      just kick the guy in the nuts, buy some pepper spray, or get a tazer to shock his a$$ for trying to get with girls half his age

    35. Daisy29 says:

      Sorry Baby, you did almost everything wrong here.

      I’m so glad you’re safe, because the way this guy picked you up is one of the oldest tricks in the book for predators. He needs your help? I don’t think so. There are people who work there that can help him. You should have walked away right then.

      You went to his car? Have you lost your mind? The number one rule of safety during possible abduction is: If you get in the car, you’re dead! NEVER go near anyone’s car.

      A normal adult male would not ask a teenager for help in a store, he’d be afraid that someone would suspect him of wrongdoing, which is kind of messed up, but it’s a reality for a reason.

      You put yourself at a terrible risk, this pig might have just been testing to see if he could lure a young girl to his car…how easily it went for him.

      I hope that’s it, but I fear that it might not be the end. It was wrong and weird of him to approach you. You must have had some sense that it was wrong.

      Always react to your fight-or-flight reflexes, they are ancient instincts from before history was recorded and they’re there to keep you safe.

      Never worry that you will "hurt someone’s feelings". Obey your primitive mind and get to safety when you think you’re in the smallest danger. It’s not silly, it’s smart.

      Remember how much this upset you, always and stay smart. Be safe, little one.