Please Advise! Should a 13 weel old Great Dane puppy be given Baytril?


Ok…My puppy has been sick for almost 3 weeks now. She had 2 sets of her puppy shots before she became sick. it was first thought she had mild kennel cough…Then on a Sunday she got a fever up to 106.5. I rushed her to ER vet at Veterinary College where she was given fluids, clavamox and sent home. Next day i took her to our regular Vet and he said she was getting better. A day later she was getting a fever again so the Vet kept her overnight on fluids, steroids and antibiotics. She came home the next day all better….well almost. Since then she has horrible sinus discharge. Everyday I wake up to find her bedding covered in blood-tinged snot. I can even smell the blood on her nose..There’s not a lot of blood coming out with discharge, but its there. Vet gave her simplicef added to her Clavamox. We finished up all that yesterday, and no improvement on nose. Today the Vet gave her Baytril to try and clear this up. He thinks it was never "kennel cough", but a strain of k-9 influenza the entire time…Sadly a different one then the vaccine protects against. I am heartbroken over this…I am so worried about her. Has anyone ever experienced something similar? How long can a sinus infection last in puppy? As a giant breed-dog, I am terribly worried about giving her this antibiotic….I know he is using this because the others have failed….Is there anything else this could be????? The breeder is not offering much support, and although the puppy didnt come to me with a runny nose, she did have scabs around her nose when i got her. I just assumed that it was from playing with her littermates….Any advice would be greatly appreciated…I am worried sick.
Thank you in advance.
Please read the question…You will see I ahve taken this puppy to Vet almost DAILY, totalling about 2,000. HE is the one who put her on Baytril…I am not asking for medical advise…to do so on yahoo would be nonsense. I am asking for past experiences from reputable dog owners/support. I have heard Baytril is bad for joints…with a giant breed, that concerns me.

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    One Response to “Please Advise! Should a 13 weel old Great Dane puppy be given Baytril?”

    1. Megan says:

      Ask your vet before you do ANYTHING. A vet is going to know better than anyone on yahoo answers unless they’re a vet but you’re own vet will be best since he’ll know your situation better!

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