Pets Mart with Tabby!


The Lexington Kentucky Pets Mart is the happenin’ place to be! Our new puppy is a six week old blue merle Australian shepherd! She’s a little girl and my sister Shelby is undecided on her name! The puppy will be in an upcoming vid! The puppy is our second Aussie. Our first Aussie, Kokopelli, was in the video I Found Your Boyfriend, but he was stolen the first day of deer season. We really miss him. In this video I seek out new toys, new dog beds and new experiences. On a somber note, many of my fans have commented on how sad it is that the cats are in small glass cages. As I understand it, Pets Mart rescues cats and puts them in their stores trying to save them from being killed at animal shelters. Song by: TheColourOfInfinity Song name: Sweet disposition Original artist:The Temper Trap THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!!!!! xoxoxo My other channel: My PO box if you’d like to send me something! tabs24x7 PO box 402 Cynthiana ky, 41031 SPONSORS: PanicPOP clothing BUY MY SHIRT!

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25 Responses to “Pets Mart with Tabby!”

  1. BadLady13 says:

    MCR, LOVE IT !!

  2. 7godlike says:


  3. PgDns says:

    did you bought anything at leasttt? haha

  4. tabs24x7Official says:

    @maggieandaj he is my nephew

  5. tabs24x7Official says:

    @CaptainofTheSkye , not between my teeth, no

  6. tabs24x7Official says:

    @NolMercy , no, I am welcome everywhere so far

  7. tabs24x7Official says:

    @cecilyyywashere it is a smiley

  8. tabs24x7Official says:

    @MarcelCaddy Marcel would be an awesome name. Unfortunately Shelby gets to name the puppy and she is leaning towards Pookie, Kiwi or Banjo.

  9. tabs24x7Official says:

    @123TMTH I live in HArrison County but I do not go to Harrison County High school. I am homeschooled and have been home schooled my entire life.

  10. tabs24x7Official says:

    @Victoriafa1 sure!

  11. AgnesCeciliaVideos says:


  12. effingAngiie95 says:

    omg! a smiley <3

  13. siniminimonster09 says:

    hey what ever happened to you rhedgehog????????

  14. Victoriafa1 says:

    @tabs24x7Official Will you add me as a friend pleasee.?(:

  15. 123TMTH says:

    I love your videos I watch them all the time. Hey do you go to Harrisson county my b rother knows you..

  16. justjeaninexox says:

    I lol’d during this video. Epic. :] also I dig the nose ring. I’ve had mine for 3 years and I love it so don’t worry about people telling you that you look better without it.

  17. AwwwCatarina says:

    WOW NEW PIERCING. love it

  18. TheNp257 says:

    So good. Best video in ages. Nore of these random types please! 🙂

  19. Mellix25 says:

    i love you sitting in the dog box 🙂

  20. Mellix25 says:

    I looove your smiley 🙂 and the piercing on your smileyand the nose ring is super cool 😀 <3

  21. Mellix25 says:

    I looove your smiley 🙂 and the piercing on your smileyand the nose ring is super cool 😀 <3

  22. MarcelCaddy says:

    Name Your Australian Shepard Marcel 😀
    Coz Im From Australia.
    Sounds Like A convincing Story, hahah.

  23. xSebfighterx says:

    Love your shirt 🙂 I’ve got one too 😀

  24. cecilyyywashere says:

    tabby, do you have a piercing in yo mouff? pause a 4:02 what is datttt

  25. mysticxCWalk says:

    piercing through your teeth ?