Pet stains and odor and various other stains…help!?


Just got a new house and the carpet is old and worn…it has pet stains and odor (the odor has faded some after steam cleaning a few times.) Theres a few red stains that look like kool-aid or soda and in some areas when you spill water, it leaves a dirty stain. I cant replace my carpet until after winter ( I dont want people tracking in everywhere) I was just wondering if anyone had some good tricks for getting these stains out with something I can get at target or walmart. I will be using a rug doctor if that makes any difference.

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    5 Responses to “Pet stains and odor and various other stains…help!?”

    1. E says:

      Put coffee grinds in your carpet. That’ll help with the stench at least.

    2. Linda Chambers says:

      Just clean your carpet using a good carpet cleaner to remove dust & then steam clean your carpet using quality carpet steam cleaner machines for best cleaning results.

    3. Xmen says:

      Looks like you have two choices, getting a new carpet or calling a professional. I take care of this types of problems all the time but it can only be done with a professional technique. The professional will need to completely saturate the affected areas and allow an enzyme base solution to flow through the carpet fibers deep into the carpet’s backing, padding and sub floor, reaching the entire odor source. The solution re-hydrates, emulsifies and breaks down pet urine solids in preparation for extraction and fresh water rinsing. Technicians use the Water Claw, a specialty tool, designed to flush out the solution and animal waste from your carpets to a holding tank. This method provides a 90% success rate for pet odor removal. Then a strong deodorizer will need to be sprayed over the carpet to give you relief. It is not a cheap method but it will be cheaper than to replace the whole carpet.

    4. clayton says:

      A pro can help you, it takes a special cleaner called Red Relief to remove a Kool Aid type of dye stain. Call a pro for an estimate, it may not be to much more than a rental.
      They can do the work and there truck mount equipment will be 10 times more powerful in suction than a toy rental machine.They also use super hot treated softened water, and pre sprays that do not contain optical brighteners like the Rug Doctor products. Go to, to locate a pro near you. At least call one and visit with them over the phone.

    5. A. Spruce says:

      Three things to go along with your Rug Doctor. A box of Oxy-Clean crystals, which you’ll find in the laundry department of any store or at most warehouse type stores. Natures Miracle, which is an enzymatic stain remover that works well on organic stains, available at any pet store. And finally, a supply of Rug Doctor carpet cleaning solution, which is available with and without Oxy-Clean already added to it.

      Step one – Pretreat stains with Natures Miracle. You want to saturate the stain well, and work the area with a scrub brush or rag to work the solution into the carpet fiber.

      Step two – Pretreat the entire area to be cleaned with a broadcast spray of Oxy-Clean solution, and work this in with either a scrub brush or by "kicking" it in with your feet. Basically, scuff your feet around the area well to work the Oxy-Clean solution into the carpet fibers.

      Step three – Using the same Oxy-Clean solution described above, mix up the carpet cleaning solution as per the label, but mix it to the light side, meaning use a bit less than the recommended amount. If a range of product quantity is suggested, say 1/2 cup to 1 cup, use the lesser amount because the Oxy-Clean will be making up for it.

      Step four – Following the cleaning equipment instructions, apply the solution, work it into the carpet, and extract it. Follow this immediately with a rinse cycle. The proper method is one cleaning stroke and at least two rinse strokes over the area. Allow this to dry thoroughly before continuing with further rinses. Additional rinses will be indicated by the color of the extraction liquid and whether or not it’s still pulling up excess soap/foam.

      The big thing is that you don’t want to over saturate the carpet, which will get the pad below wet. Wet pad can cause odors, mildew, and mold to occur. You can speed the drying process by running fans for increased air circulation over the floor.