Pet Society Hack — Increase Experience * WORKING Feb 2010* Cheat Engine Download Link:Download here: maxmyurl.com Firstly , Go to Pet Society Requirement : * Browser ( Firefox ) * Cheat engine 5.5 or 5.6 * Flash Player 10 Steps : 1. Go to Pet So Society , 2. Go buy some Food 3. Open Cheat Engine v5.5 and choose process FireFox 4. Tick This following Cheat Engine v5.5 settings (Hex. Array of bytes. Also scan read only memory) 5. Scan address 85C08975EC8B45FC8945E8BF 6. Right click the address and click “Disassemble memory region” 7. Find mov [ebp-18], eax and click once ( highlight ) 8. At the top of the menu “Tools” → “Auto Assemble” will pop up another window 9. At the top of the menu point “Template” → “Code injection” → “OK” 10. Scroll down to find mov [ebp-18], eax at the last of the word , press “Enter” 11. Copy address mov [ebp-14], 3E8 and paste it 12. Click “Execute” → “Yes” → “OK” Now you just want to make the experience will increase the value of action, it will increase the 1000 experience each time you buy the food .

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