Pet Skunk Rolls Down The Stairs


my pet skunk, lerm, tries stair travel…fails. then succeeds. hes such a little trooper.

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    25 Responses to “Pet Skunk Rolls Down The Stairs”

    1. HipHopDancerGirl20 says:

      Wow, he must have felt embarrased.

    2. scruffyrata says:

      Hooray!!! He finally did it!

    3. TheHyruleExplorer says:

      @yacanman11 Lets hope you died after writing that comment, Fuck you

    4. DragonZiegen says:

      aww at least he had a nice person to catch him lol! Then he tried again. Must be hard with such big stairs and little legs

    5. yacanman11 says:

      lets hope he died

    6. silver101dragon says:

      smelly skunk, smelly skunk, what are they feeding you?

    7. ChopofSlap says:

      good catch.. it is clear the skunk is in good hands and well taken care of.

    8. roxiSKYfox says:

      he looked like he was enjoying that

    9. TheFlutification says:


    10. demonanjel117 says:

      @Renard380 ok this comment made me life for a long time… <3

    11. demonanjel117 says:

      @Moonstruck220 raccoons arent necessarily mean just very very destructive saw a guy on tv once that his pet raccoon ate a hole/ tunnel through the wall above his cabinets.

    12. deutschesmaedchen says:

      it’s too fat to be healthy. :\ more proof that wild animals should not be kept as pets.

    13. peterkikic says:

      this is probably the first time I saw the pet owner do te right thing and jump out from behind the camera instead of just watch stupid americas home video

    14. 1337soldiahs says:

      I warned you bro, I warned you about those stairs…

    15. ThatOneManInLife says:

      I can no longer be upset after watching this video.

    16. DarkAngelAzreil says:

      Oh sweet, I can tell you really love your baby. No one reacts like that to their pet falling unless they love them lots. Nice catch hope he was alright afterwards.

    17. CaptainObvious0000 says:


      idiots are people who don’t recognize an ironic remark even if it says: “hey you, I’m an ironic remark.”

    18. tenaciousruby says:

      @CaptainObvious0000 Yeah, because no one should interact with any kind of animal ever. It’s always abuse. We always treat them poorly, and never give them a cushy life with guaranteed food and shelter. ..You’re an idiot.

    19. blossomblizzard says:

      @Renard380 Hahahahaha!

    20. sheek80 says:

      @CaptainObvious0000 you liveing captainobvious is abuse to morality

    21. Renard380 says:

      Wow i must be pretty tired, i thought you were recording the stairs going down so i didn’t get it at first when he rolled 😀

    22. Tigerclaws63 says:

      lol. good save man XD

    23. CaptainObvious0000 says:

      looking at them…ABUSE.
      touching them…ABUSE.
      feeding them…ABUSE.
      talking to them…ABUSE.
      breathing the same air as them…ABUSE.
      thinking of them is allowed though…but only if you think the most positive things…or else it’s ABUSE !

    24. gmonday says:

      admit it, he was drunk

    25. bellabelliboo says:

      So cute!!! I had no idea they could be kept as pets… Does he ever stink up the place though? 🙂