Pet Insurance?


My boyfriend bought me a Pomeranian 3 weeks ago and now he’s planning to get Moomoo pet insurance too. Does anybody know what’s a good insurance company and how it really works? Does it cover vet visits too or only emergency medical needs? Any other details?

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    1. tåkë cárê õf mÿ cât says:

      I know it is very confusing when shopping for pet insurance. There are too many information out there and cause a case of information overload.

      No pet insurance are the same and you need to find one that tailors to your cat’s need. You have to be careful when choosing because some insurance company place a low cap on their reimbursement even though you are paying for higher premiums. Some will have low deductibles but will not cover much illness or low coverage for accidents and diagnosis. Many insurance companies will not cover pre existing conditions.

      I cannot recommend one that stood out from the rest because what my pet needs might be different from what you need.

      However, there is a site with a lot of good and useful reviews on the insurance available that you can look into.

      Some guidelines:-

      How old is your pet? The best time to purchase a pet health insurance policy is when your pet is young. Most pet health problems happen in the last two years of your pet’s life. So, the younger your pet is, the better

      Is your breed prone to medical problems? While policy premiums are generally not based on breed, certain hereditary conditions are excluded.

      For instance, Persian cats are prone to polycystic kidney disease (PKD). You can still buy pet insurance for your Persian; just don’t be surprised if it fails to cover related issues (some pet insurance policies may cover this, so check with your provider to make sure before you buy).

      Is your pet already sick? Most pet insurance providers won’t cover pre-existing conditions. However, if you can prove your pet had a condition that has been cured, that may be covered.

      Can you choose your own veterinarian? For many pet owners, vet choice is key, and for good reason. Some pet insurance companies require you to use veterinarians on their own network. Others don’t. As always, check with your provider regarding your choice of veterinarian.

      What is your pet’s lifestyle? If your dog or cat spends most of his time outdoors, that will increase his/her risk of illness or injury.

      What is covered? Many pet owners purchase pet health insurance policies to protect themselves from the high cost of future medical problems. Others want regular pet care such as annual physical exams and routine checkups and cleanings.

      Just be advised that most standard pet insurance policies cover catastrophic accidents and illnesses. Routine vet visits tend to come as add-ons and/or riders.

      What State do you Live In? If you are searching on the internet for pet health insurance, you need to check this. Just because a provider does business online doesn’t mean it services your state.

      Check The Insurance Company’s Track Record

      Every state in the U.S. has an insurance commissioner. If the insurance company you are considering has had legal/ethical issues that should cause you concern, the insurance commissioner’s office in your state or province should know about it. Check with them before you buy.