pet insurance question what does this mean?

pet insurance question what does this mean?


hi looking at pet insurance for my dogue de bordeaux, shes healthy and only 18 month. i used go compare and came up with protect my bubble. what does this policy mean and is it good for me?


vet fee’s – 4000 pound
death rom illness – 250 pound
death from accident – 250 pound
advertising and reward – 250 pound
theft and straying – 250 pound
3rd party liability – 1m pound
kennel fee – 250 pound
bereavement councelling included
legal helpline included
minders helpline inc
pay vet direct

can someone explain this to me? thanks alot x

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    1. mbrcatz says:

      Keep in mind, you posted to the USA board, so you’re going to get USA answers – in dollars.

      Pet insurance isn’t TRUE insurance – it’s not regulated, and no one needs a license to sell it.

      The person to explain this, is the person trying to sell it to you. MOST pet insurance, isn’t worth the cost, which you didn’t include.

    2. Tom Z says:

      "is it good for me?"

      Hard to say as you don’t give us much to go on. We know nothing about your financial position. We don’t even know the premium you were quoted.

      Protect My Bubble is a product offered by Assurant Direct. Assurant is a well known company so it would seem to be a reputable company.

      I like the fact that you can download the policy wording. Very important. As with all insurance policies, exclusions and limitations apply and so it is important that you understand the terms and conditions of this policy before you buy.

      Some things I would want to know:

      Can you use the veterinarian of your choice?
      How are claims made?
      Are there "usual and customary" limits?
      Are the the limits shown per year? Per occurrence?
      Are there lifetime benefit limits?
      What is not covered?
      If I have a claim will my policy be non-renewed? Will my rates go up?