Pet insurance?


Pet insurance?
As an owner of three dogs and two cats, I’m constantly in the vets office with unexpected, and sometimes expected, bills. Does anyone have any recommendations on good pet insurance companies to look into? I’m mainly looking for a company that would allow me the ability to have a large percentage of the vet bill paid by them, and the ability for me to make payments on the existing bill that’s left. I know many insurance companies I’ve looked into only accept certain breeds and/or they have extreme limitations on what is covered at the vet. Any advice?

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    1. hugetacoboy says:

      My wife and I adopted two kittens last December. We were well aware of the costs involved with veterinary services. After looking into several of the options on insurance, we decided that it would be both convenient and cost effective to choose Banfield’s insurance program at Petsmart. To date, after all the shots and other visits (fleas, dewormers, hip problems, etc.) we have saved $1,343 for both cats. That is the amount the insurance has paid. We have spent only $30 a month plus the activation fee of around $100. All said and done, we are very pleased with the peace of mind knowing that our pets are insured. Also knowing that without insurance, we would have already spent over $2,000 in seven months for two kittens makes it that much sweeter. Hope I have been able to help. Good luck!