Paralyzed Dog – 1st steps in Wheelchair


Nico’s first steps in a Dog Wheelchair. Marvin, a rescued Lab from RI donates wheelchair to Nico, a paralyzed Boxer in Revere, MA. Nico, a paraplegic after a stroke takes his first steps in over a year. and Marvin, a beautiful and happy 8 year old black lab, and his owner, Dr. EJ Finnochio from the RISPCA donate a cart to Nico, a happy 12 year old Boxer who still tries to chase the neighborhood dogs and cats, even though he has paraplegia in his rear legs. He suffered a spinal cord stroke, (FCE) one year ago, and has been undergoing physical therapy for 2 months. Nico’s physical therapist, Ann Beth Chinchillo, PT,CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Provider), from Revere, MA was one of over 50 applicants to receive a 2nd cart donated by Marvin with the help of Marvin discovered when Kathy Barton and her 4th grade class from Velma, OK donated a cart to Xavier, a cat who was also rescued from the RISPCA. The cart will be delivered to Nico early in August. is a website for the caretakers of elderly, disabled, and special needs pets with the products, services, and support they need. For more information, contact Deborah Winters at

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    21 Responses to “Paralyzed Dog – 1st steps in Wheelchair”

    1. srt10r24 says:

      Almost cry seriously

    2. cade038 says:

      damn.. breaks my heart :/

    3. hellboi1967 says:

      Great job Nico :-))) and the owner as well god bless!!!! I love people who never give up on there pets they need us just like we need them !!

    4. mamichula613 says:

      thank you for helping special needs animals:)

    5. avasheridan1987 says:

      I think faith the two legged dog might not be able to have one cos its her front legs? i dont know.
      They should custom make her one.
      I think its kool anmals are getting the chance, if they show the will then let them live.

    6. pinkroxysouthmead says:

      my cat is paralised like that she fell out of a tree and broke both her legs its hard as i havent got the money to get a frame like that shes doing so well the vets gave her 6 mths to live that was 7 yrs ago i carry her mostly everywhere shes doing great without one

    7. kathyp1234 says:

      My small dog has back leg paralysis due to a herniated disk, had surgery and has still not been able to walk. Is you rdog incontinent? Since the surgery my dog doesnt seek to remember to wait till I take him outside.

    8. M3TR01DFANBOY says:

      my dog has his back legs mostly paralyzed. he can use them a littlee but we still have the cart for him

    9. soniadlay79 says:

      just ordered one for my alsation he was due tobe put to spleep today but i searched around and have found a wheels and a support harness i am thrilled best christmas present i could ask for

    10. judymoody123 says:

      Can you get wheelchairs for dogs missing or having paralyzed front legs? Wouldn’t it be easier for them? If so, why doesn’t faith the two legged dog have one? Maybe it might be easier for her? I don;t really know Im just wondering! I am open to any comments but please there is no need to be mean!

    11. AlabamaAxeman says:

      Ooops….one thing I forgot to mention. People who are getting or making these for their dogs need to remember that the dog is unable to sit while wearing the device and his front legs are going to tire out very quickly. Just make sure you are constantly aware of this fact while he/she’s wearing it so you can remove the device and allow your dog to rest as needed.

    12. AlabamaAxeman says:

      Awesome! My old neighbor’s dog had a similar setup and adjusted to it very well. The only problem is that some people think the dog should now “walk” as they did before seeing as the back legs are being supported. However, a dog’s front legs were made for steering and not propulsion so not only does the dog have to steer with his front legs, he now has to use them to power his forward motion….this can be very tiring in the beginning….but it sure beats the alternative! Great Job!

    13. kabanger says:

      Wow good luck! He’s a good dog!

    14. YouChoobDude says:

      i have a paralyzed dog too 2 months ago up until now and we don’t have wheels for her

    15. SuperDoopz says:


    16. prakrati86 says:

      great, i have no words. very inspiring for me bcoz i have also a pup of same problem. alka( animal cure & care)

    17. hothotheat3000 says:

      Good for him!

    18. BaileyFlys says:

      Thats great but
      DOtn fricken tease him with the damn treat.
      Reward him for even just one or two steps!


    19. avadiva says:

      So Awsome!!!!

    20. flwpwr says:

      aww at the end he smiles because he can walk ^^

    21. SYLVIE23 says:

      Marvelous idea and magic dog with such courage and willpower : no doubt that he’ll keep on walking more and more and have as joy than he deserves. Kisses