Odds of housebreaking dog who is only used to "doggy door"?


I am 1st time fostering to adopt and have had dog only 2 days. She does not go to the door or ask to go out. She is only used to a doggy door. What can I do?

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    4 Responses to “Odds of housebreaking dog who is only used to "doggy door"?”

    1. dragonflyspit says:

      It should be very easy to house-train her if she’s already reliably using the dog door because she has already learned 1) not to go inside, 2) she should go outside, and 3) to hold it a bit. You can probably skip the whole kennel/crate step and just take her out regularly and within 15 minutes of eating. Wait to make sure she goes while outside, praise her, and bring her back in.

      You might also find that she goes to the door in search of a way out when she needs to go, and if you’re well-tuned to her behavior, you’ll be able to see when she needs to go.

      I think you’ll find it very simple to retrain her from going out on her own to asking to go out. Good luck!

    2. judgealcoholic says:

      save yourself the headache and get a doggy door put into your door or cut into your wall. spend the money and for go the aggrevation.

    3. Bossoli says:

      Act like you’re starting from day one. Crate train her and make frequent trips outside. She’ll eventually learn that she needs you to be able to go out.

    4. Lydia S says:

      Use a kennel. Works everytime….some tips: If you aren’t going to be around (gone from home or in another part of the house) put the dog in the kennel. When you go to open the kennel attach a leach to it and lead it outside. If you want it to "go" in the same area each time, lead the dog to that area of the yard. If a short time, the dog will learn whenever the kennel door is opened he will go to the door to go out without the leach. It worked for me 3 times!!! Good Luck!