not eating well, everything else is fine?

not eating well, everything else is fine?


So i have a year old female german shepherd who has never been a real fast eater. she takes her time but it usually takes her fifteen min to eat her food. starting last saturday she wouldn’t eat her food. She’d eat it if i hand fed it to her or even if i dumped some on the floor, but not out of the bowl. she would go for my other two dog’s food and was still interested in treats. She has eaten on and off all week and would only eat a cup a day compared to the five cups a day she was getting before.

She is pooping fine – not on the normal schedule but i figure that’s just because she isn’t eating on her normal schedule anymore. She threw up once on wednesday but only a little bit and just clear phlegm. I think the throw up might have just been from excitement though, I work at a kennel and i bring her to work with me every day and she got very excited when i came to get her out to go home.

She’s acting normal, maybe a little more sleepy than normal. She’s from working line shepherds and has high energy and a drive to work. I’m worried that she’s going to start loosing weight rapidly. I also don’t think it’s very normal for her to stop eating like this.

She’s been eating Eukanuba large breed puppy food soaked for her whole life. We tried adding some Euk lamb and rice to it and it interested her but after a while she ignored that too. I tried giving her food dry tonight and she ate half her dinner.

She also started Fish oil pills three days before this all started happening… do you think that might be making her sick?

thanks for your help!
she is eating different food than the other dogs. she grew up eating at the same time the dogs in the kennel eat so she should be used to other dogs eating around her
i’m also in contact with the owners of her siblings and they are all eating normally and are eating five to six cups a day like her – she’s in good weight right now, a little on the thin side

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    3 Responses to “not eating well, everything else is fine?”

    1. Jazzie says:

      meybe she has a teething problem, I would recommend to check at the local vet.
      try hand feeding her till she gets use to eating more, she may also have some problem in the throat or mouth I would get her checked out at the vet though if she’s not eating properly hope this helps 🙂

    2. ms manners says:

      Is she eating a different food than the other dogs?

      Sometimes a dog will refuse food because she knows there is something wrong with it. I would buy a new bag of food, and see if that makes a difference.

      I have never had a dog that had a problem with fish oil, but if the change of food doesn’t help, I would try discontinuing it.
      It really does sound like she is hungry, but does not want to eat what you are giving her for some reason. I would buy a new bag of food, and check the recall lists to make sure the one you have now has not been recalled.

    3. Judy and the Beast says:

      Unless she has other symptoms, it just sounds like she is a bit off her food. Perhaps she is getting plenty to eat and is just not that interested. She’s at that age where puppyhood is turning into adulthood and her food intake may be slowing down as her body is starting to level off in its growth. I don’t think the fish oil is making her sick but perhaps it is making her feel full.