Next door neighbor's dog cries all day when no one is home.?


I recently started working from home a few days a week and have discovered that the dog next door cries ALL DAY until one of the neighbors comes home. They probably don’t know it is even happening. I suppose I have to tell them but what is the answer to getting the dog to stop?

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    10 Responses to “Next door neighbor's dog cries all day when no one is home.?”

    1. Stephen A says:

      Firstly I should say that this whining is a perfectly natural behavior for a young puppy – it is how they get attention from their mother from a very early age. It’s when the whining or crying drags on and on and becomes a long term persistent habit that it becomes a problem for us dog lovers.
      You should housetrain your puppy immediately to solve this.
      Here’s a very useful housetraining guidelines,

    2. mauveme49 says:

      If you want it to stop let them know so they can be aware and try to stop it. Just be polite and say that "I don’t know if you realize it but….etc:

    3. eli says:

      tell them and record the noise if you can
      sounds like they leave the dog alone too long

    4. ameagor says:

      that’s an attention needy dog…
      approach the neighbor and explain to them about their dog’s behavior and tells them its disturbing.
      if they can find a way to solve the issue, a last resort would be to give the dog away.

    5. Alyssa says:

      Tell the neighbours.

      But it is most likey that this dog has seperation anxitey.

    6. BullyH says:

      Is the dog chained or free to run. Talk to your neighbour and see if there is some way you can help to train the dog not to cry. It does get very annoying.

    7. lucrecia says:

      Baby, please listen while momma lucrecia teach you a lesson about makin doggy happy.

      1) Do it live inside? If so, you gotsta talk to the peeps and tell them control your dog fool.
      2) Do it live outside? If so, congratulations. You have access and guess what a dead dog don’t be doing? That’s right. keeping you all uptight wid its barking.

    8. nygal31 says:

      the dog could have seperation anxiety. theyre gonna hafta train him to be ok with his alone time. suggest that they leave toys and stuff out for the dog so its occupied during the day. or suggest they get a dog walker so the dog is spending time on his walks and outside burning off energy

    9. Bill L says:

      You have to tell them.


    10. Aduial says:

      There is nothing you can do to make it stop. They have to. You should let them know and ask them to correct the problem.

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